Thursday, 1 November 2012

"It Ain't Over" by Shad

"Nowadays it seems like love is fast, to come and go doesn't last/
Little bundles of joy cost big bundles of cash/
And it's hard to buy in the city, I'm always flyin', I'm busy/
Do I need something real? I kinda get by with midi?/"

Last week we had Classified's new single, this week we have Shad's new single. Fuckin' sick two weeks to represent Canadian hip-hop haha. This track is from his 5-track EP, "Melancholy and the Infinite Shadness", which can be downloaded here. As usual, Shad makes his words seem to naturally flow onto the beat, made with soulful samples. The video was kinda cool, and pretty decent for just filming inside a bedroom. One thing that both Shad and I know is that women are always more fun to have around when they bring chips. Word is bond.

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