Friday, 16 November 2012

"Don't Wanna Be" by Jon Connor ft. Lia Mack

"Reality shows got girls thinking actin' ratchet is cute/
When in fact this bitch is an actress, the actual fool is you/
And we always wanna argue, fussin', fightin' and cuss/
'Fore we point the finger at them, lets point one at us/"
This is fuckin' sick. The Flint, Michigan native is always making that real, straightforward music. I love how in his music he can choose beats to perfectly match the idea he wants to get across, and flow it without any flaws. The video for this track was sick too, and Lia Mack has a beautiful, soothing voice. I think Crooked I would agree that this fits the criteria of the music he was talkin bout in the "Adorn Freestyle" posted below this one. Enjoy!

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