Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Scriptures" by Jon Connor

"Aww nigga don't trip, that mean be cautious/
The flow is sick, cuz I get nauseous, when I hear all this garbage/
I'm scarin' niggas in the office/
People countin' down cuz my shit comin', hold me down cuz my shit bumpin'/
In the street, can't shut me up cuz my mouth ain't for no dick suckin'/"

Amidst the outbreak of thousands of mediocre new-school rappers, very few catch my attention. I'm very picky and it's usually either dope or wack with me, no in betweens. One artist that has managed to catch my attention is Jon Connor. This dude has crazy flow and seems to have flawless breath control. I feel like he keeps a good balance between his street attitude, and his ability to make his music relateable. This track reflects the more "cocky rapper" side of him. I think this track and the video are both sick. This is from his mixtape, "While You Were Sleeping" which can be found here.

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