Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Permanent Enemy" (Hopsin Annihilation) by The Jokerr

"Just put the facts together, he ain't a rapper, he's the world's biggest blackest Marshall Mathers swagger jacker ever/
It's fuckin sad but clever/
Every single thing he does Eminem did ten years in the past and better/" 

LMAO YES YES, this was awesome. I'm a huge fan of Jokerr and he really pulled a sick move this time. Don't get me wrong I love Hopsin too and this whole back and forth shit is entertaining as hell when I love both artists. After Jokerr's last diss to Funk Volume leaving you feeling all fuzzy inside he came hard as fuck on Hopsin with 110 bars and a kick ass chorus. The chorus made the w hole 110 bars feel like a real catchy song too instead of just relentless bars comin at you. I was so glad Jokerr brought his heavy dark energy into this song cuz I swear some people get the wrong idea when they see his other sides. The video was pretty funny too with the whole cooking show set up and Jokerrs funny as hell rapping the chorus in the hat. Anyways, I don't wanna ramble on bout their shit too much cuz Jokerr lets you into some pretty personal stuff between him and Hopsin and revealing things about them and I don't wanna judge the situation just check out the song and enjoy it!

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