Monday, 5 November 2012

TeamBackPack Funk Volume Cypher 3 by Funk Volume

"See I no longer have a life, just a nasty apetite/
Search up on the graphic sites, lookin up hermaphrodites/
Filthy when I grab the mic, look at all this madness I/
Bring to these other emcees yea it's a tragic sight/"
So I don't necessarily follow the activities of most of Funk Volume but I always keep up on what Hopsin is doing. I won't say anything negative about Funk Volume but SwizZz, Dizzy and Benton aren't my particular taste but they all do a pretty sick job of killin it in this. I'm glad to hear Hopsin still bringin the fire since the only things we've heard since RAW is Hop Madness and Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 both of which are on this blog. But hearing his consistency in each product gives me hope for Knock Madness if he ever finishes that shit.

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