Monday, 19 November 2012

"My Remedy" & "Outer Lanes" by Stevie Stone

"Isolating myself in a daze/
Beautiful musical melodies flowin through my veins/
Juices is gone when I'm jottin' the things that I can say/
I'm lost in the moment, today my problems fade away"

 Both K Brenton and myself originally weren't sure about Stevie Stone in Strange Music cuz we're not the type to just get into a banging track cuz the beat thumps hard. Some of his earlier hits were kind of dissapointing us but I've kept a tab on him since he's with Strange Music and he's ended up impressing me. Tech knew what he was doing picking this guy for the team cuz there's more to him than you'd guess from some other tracks. Strange has provided him a great outlet to evolve and recently I been loving his songs like these two. Both these tracks bang loud and hard but have a great atmospheric feel and are some personl shit to him. His voice goes great with the smooth feel and both songs have an incredible chorus. Check em out!

"I'm a dominant nigga when I grab the mic and deliver/
Married to music, now my life is surrendered/
Missin' my kids, one week till I'm home/
Be home three weeks then the next I'm gone."

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