Wednesday, 14 November 2012

"Wolves Amongst the Sheep" by Vinnie Paz ft. Kool G Rap

"I'm dying before I trust you, the iron inside the duffle/
You on Rikers Island I could get homicidal to touch you/
I'm inside, I'm viral, I'm the Messiah's idol above you/
I'm the pride of Cairo, I'm genocidal and I will cut you/" 
Holy fuck so my buddy bought Vinnie Paz's new cd and showed me a couple of the songs and a lot of the ones he showed me are really sick. Vinnie's really, really on point with the sick lyrics. I haven't heard all the songs on the album but ones like these stand out. This song has such a dope beat with such a well done chorus by Block McCloud. Makes me wanna go locing and killin people living by the assasin's creed lmao. Kool G Rap is pretty sick in it but Vinnie kills it in the second verse and I was just all around impressed. Check it out!

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