Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"Dog Tags" by Constant Flow (Swave Sevah & Akir)

"Earth rulers, my niggas move like it's Desert Storm/
Chumps are slain and we dump the remains in the reservoir/
Check my rap sheet resume, my repetoire/
When we prep for war, I'm the first one with the weapon drawn/"

Never heard these guys before, but I found this track on Soundcloud and it's pretty dope. Some raw rap shit, they stay consistent with the rhymes. Check it!

"Diabolical Sound" by Diabolic [produced by DJ Premier]

"My cult following shares the same perspective/
They'll die for their beliefs like Dave Koresh's in Waco, Texas/
Deranged and reckless, what I say's infectious/
Plus Preem is scratchin till needles snap and break the records/"

Maaaaan this shit is amazing. Diabolic on the mic with DJ Premier on the beat. I wasn't a huge fan of that Alien Manuscript song but this one's sick. This beat kinda reminds me of Society is Brainwashed by Ill Bill [also a Preemo beat]. The title fits the beat perfectly and Diabolic kills it as usual. Check it.

"Flatline" by Fortunato [Music Video]

"You get popped if you gassed up like Texaco/
Tecs'll blow, you wanna die? Tell me yes or no/
You make a statement, I'ma promise to make an arrangement/
That's my word mothafucka, you better fuckin face it/"

Fortunato just dropped a video from him latest project, "Unseen Armada". This one's got that good old boom bap feel and some dope lyrics to accompany it. Check it.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

"Junior" by Madchild

"Lookin' down, colourful botanical garden/
Robotic Jabberjaw, spit mechanical jargon/
A million other rappers fill the planet with garbage/
So I have to represent cuz Mad is Canada's hardest/"

This beat sounds like somethin that could been on Apathy's Connecticut Casual. It's got a mellow bluesy vibe, but Madchild uses it to exercise his lyrical game. This track's from Madchild's upcoming EP, "Switched On" which drops on September 30. Check it!

Monday, 25 August 2014

"State of Mind" by Dizzy Wright [Music Video]

"Dizzy gets down, nigga this is his town/
When you learn how much you worth you'll stop givin' out discounts/
Gotta quiet all of these critics, the most devoted in my division/
They do it for the mentions, but I'll never trade respect for attention/"

One week before him and Jarren Benton head out on an 11-day tour, Dizzy Wright just dropped a video from the title track of his State of Mind EP. The video's a little different but it's still pretty dope and the song's what you'd expect from him. Check it.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

"Pissed It All Away" by Slaine

"So what's the make and the model off the pot you piss in/
When your Cadillac is repo'd, your job position/
Is droppin low enough to cause a fuckin heart condition/
You're a middle aged, overweight rock musician/"

Slaine's "The King of Everything Else" released a couple days ago, but I still haven't had the chance to check it out. I'm a little late posting this one, but it's pretty dope. Seems like Slaine's lyrically taking care of his past. Check it.

"White Rapper" by Rittz [Music Video]

"Now the rap game is flooded with rappers/
From every nationality, a ton of em crackers/
The fact that I finally came up is miraculous/
20 years later my name is becoming established/"

White Jesus has been very generous as of lately. This is the 2nd set of visuals for his upcoming album, "Next To Nothing" which hits shelves September 9. This one's a bit deeper than "Profit" and "Turn Down", but it's still got that hype energy. Can't wait to hear the rest of this album. Check it.

"Nunya" by Saigon (produced by DJ Premier)

"When it's time for me to say sayonara/
Y'all gon be sayin' that Sai a martyr/
And that I'm a lyrical firestarter/
Yea I kinda sorta be lyin' on my dick/
Cause it's a lot of chicks I hit I will not admit/"
Saigon just dropped this DJ Premier produced track from his upcoming GSNT3: The Troubled Times of Carenard (which releases September 30). Can't remember if Preemo and Saigon have linked up before, but this track proves them to be compatible. Check it.