Monday, 30 April 2012

"D.O.A." by Brotha Lynch Hung

"I don't know I just spit that shit like I do coke/
I do hope you get this shit quick cuz Spidey's broke/
I do choke I got shit that rip that Chinese dope/
I do loc I got crip shit in me like tiny loc/"

One of the best things about Strange Music is their diverse collection of artists who all are pretty dope. As we’ve featured many of their sickest artists before I might as well grow the family. So Brotha Lynch Hung is an OG in the rap game and Strange has really made his music more banging since he joined the team. But his genre is definitely horror-core. So if you don’t wanna have to hear about murdering people and devouring their insides, even the occasional raping, then Brotha Lynch probably isn’t for you. I don’t always love every Lynch song cuz sometimes I honestly feel he can seem a little off beat but I heard this one recently and it’s awesome. The beats intense and Lynch tears this one apart. Check it out!

KOTD Rap Battle: Pat Stay vs. TheSaurus

"What a crappy human amongst me/ Clammy, humid and musty/
Fat, stupid and ugly/ Absolutely disgusting/
Creepy and slimy, So greasy and shiny/ 
If I look in your forehead and lean to the side I can see the people behind me!/"

If you like rap battles, you're gonna love this shit. KOTD has expanded a lot over the past few years, and gained a huge following of both fans, and worldwide battlers. This battle is from the "Blackout 2" event, held in Toronto, Canada, and features Canadian battler Pat Stay, and California representative, TheSaurus. Both being highly respected battlers in many battle leagues, this was a highly anticipated match, and turned out to be really dope.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Rich Man's World (1%)" by Immortal Technique

"You know my CEO masonic steez cheese/
Only little people pay all these taxes and fees/
Since you were born we controlled what you watch and you read/
And pretty soon were gonna own the fuckin' air that you breathe!/"

 I actually really supported the idea Immortal Technique was tryin to get out with his album The Martyr. I think this particular song is crazy and almost kinda gets me mad for knowing it's all true. As would be expected from Immortal Technique the lyrics are right on point and he brings up a lot of controversial shit. But since he is speaking from the perspective of one of these 1%, rich, corporate, CEO, free mason fuckers I think the real power in this song comes from the chorus. The chorus is kinda spat at you like it's mocking how stupid you are for letting people get away with this stuff. And they totally are. One of the people Immortal Technique is portraying could actually sit in front of you and spew the same shit in your face, except they actually did all that messed up crap. Check it out!

"Addict" by Superlative

"All I ever wanted to do, was write rhymes/
And there's a lot of things you can do in a lifetime/
I guess I'm just addicted to the melody/
Better than me being convicted with a felony/"

This is the first track that I've ever heard by Superlative, and I'm really impressed with it. His flow is basic in this track, as is the beat, but the simplicity of it seems to make the message more sincere. I like what they did with the video as well, using close ups of the drums and upright bass. The idea of chillin' in his empty studio, then deciding to set the studio up after killin' his verse seemed pretty creative. I can relate to this song and the video in many different ways. Open ya Earz!

"Jake + Olive" by Mac Lethal

"And there was so much love within them/ 
That Olive said to Jake, Imma stay with you forever on one condition/
We're passionate lovers/ 
Every night we sleep with our backs to each other, We're half of each other/
And I don't wanna sleep one night of my life knowing you aren't next to me hogging half of the covers/"

This song's about his grandparents. The vibe of this beat reminds me of "Mama Nem" by Tech N9ne. It's kinda hard to get amped up for this beat, but the true story being told makes it understandable. I have a lot of respect for artists who can put their ego and usual sound aside to make songs like this. The relation between the characters arrival and departure together was really creative as well. But yea, don't check this song out if you're not planning on listening to and understanding the story. Open ya Earz!

"My Lost Love and Bruce" by Hollohan

"I hit my house arrest bail, lucky, I know/
When we spoke some time later, It's been crushin' my soul/
'I love you Hollo', 'Bruce, I always got love for you bro'/
That was the last thing I said as I fuckin' hung up the phone/"

This morning I noticed this video through my Facebook feed. Since I know Hollohan is a beast with the battle raps in KOTD, I figured a song by him would be just as sick. And god damn, this shit right here hits ya hard. In this track he reflects on a time in his life when he was struggling with addiction, and how it affected the relationships around him. I think this is one of the realest songs I've ever heard, and there's no doubt that this was coming straight from the heart. Open ya Earz!

"Common Knowledge" by Asher Roth

"It's elementary, yeah I heard it in assembly/
Principal was tellin' me I better go ahead and read/
Never be a better me, better off, better me/
Not really a bettor, but I'm bettin' that I better be/"

I've always thought Asher Roth has earned a strange and under rated place in hip hop. Almost everyone knows who the guy is but I never find people who actually been bumpin' his shit. I always thought his hit "I Love College" was fun and catchy but since then I've heard a lot of songs by Asher which are on a way higher level of lyricism. He's also got his heart in the right place for hip-hop which a lot of rappers lack. If you wanna see what I mean and don't know many of his songs I'd recommend checking out "The Lounge" or "G.R.I.N.D" to see how real he really is. Check it out!

Friday, 27 April 2012

"Hands Held High" by Linkin Park

“In my living room watching but I am not laughin’/
Cuz when it gets tense I know what might happen/
The world is cold, the bold men take action/
Have to react to getting blown into fractions/”

This song isn’t new but in my experience I’ve found a lot of people don’t know this song because it is under the title of Linkin Park. I’ve always found it a really inspiring song. He touches on a lot of issues that may not be the main focus of our world today but the scars are still running deep in other countries. Check it out.

"Stars Shine Brightest" & "Get Ignorant" by CunninLynguists

“You blessed with a mind that can see through space/
On dark nights in the stars you can find your face/
Just look up, and marvel at all the constellations/
Egyptians built pyramids from these creations/”

I haven’t dropped anything on here in a while so I’m going to make a couple posts. These first two songs are by the group CunninLynguists. Me and Brenton found out about these guys a little while ago and thought they were crazy. They have a lot of interesting concepts and the one member Kno produces exceptional beats.  This first song is to showcase how epic his beats can end up being with some cool imagery in their words.

“Keep kickin & screamin for your sense of entitlement/
Flip me off with the same hand you hold the Bible with/
All that botox, every cream, every vitamin/
Can’t cover up the ignorance that’s inside of ya/”

This second song is more to showcase CunninLynguists lyrical abilities. This is a really real song and they kill it. Check it out!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"52 Bars" by Seek & Grim Reaperz

"Local news, hope it's true. Price, dollar sign/
White collar crime, more devastating/
Your cheque erasing, sworn declaration/
Core separation...."

Never heard of this guy before, but he's affiliated with the same record label that Vinnie Paz is under, Enemy Soil Records. This track is just one dude, Seek, spittin' a bunch of dope rhymes over a crazy beat produced by Grim Reaperz. I'm posting this one for the sake of his rhymes, cuz I really don't understand the point he's trying to get across with a lot of the lines (as seen above). Haha, but give it a listen anyways, it's entertaining.

"Mission Statement" by Diabolic ft. DJ GI Joe

"I'll napalm your soldiers, I'll spray a loaded glock/
I'm not like these people, I embrace the culture shock/
I'll celebrate the day my foes will lay below the rock/
And chase Patron with shots of Jack, straight, and smoke some pot/"

This guy always pops outta nowhere with tracks that just cannot be fucked with. I swear, Diabolic's one of the illest emcees that I know of, and not a lot of people know who he is. Just another example of how fucked up the rap game is. Maybe his marketing just sucks, but either way he deserves more recognition than he receives. If you are unable to comprehend massive clusters of flawless rhyming, get the fuck outta here. Open ya Earz!

"My Life" by Slaughterhouse ft. Cee-Lo Green

"House in the hills, thousands of mills/
Gettin' wild in the field with ya spouse in Brazil/
On ounces of pills, How does it feel/
To count dollar bills that I found off skills/"

Woke up this morning in search of some dope new hip hop, and that's exactly what I found. Slaughterhouse just released another single from their upcoming album, "Welcome To: Our House", which hits stores on June 12th. My first impression based on the beat that I heard before Crooked I started destroying everything in his path, was that this would be a mediocre radio joint. Although the beat sounds like something you'd hear on the radio, Slaughterhouse still managed to kill it lyrically and make it a tolerable commercial sound. I actually hope that this song makes it to the radio just to show everyone what real emcees sound like. Open ya Earz!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

YouTube Series: Infameezy Sessions

I was browsing through my Facebook feed today, and I seen a link posted by an old friend from high school, Infameezy. Looks like he's posting beat videos, and if you like the beat you can download it for free. It says on the video still shot, "Free Beats for kicks. Like it, favourite it, subscribe & I'll give you more free beats". So to all you broke motherfuckers out there. The ones who can afford internet, but can't afford beats. Here's your chance to get some dope instrumentals, free of charge. The video that I've posted is the 2nd Infameezy Session. Open ya Earz!

For more Infameezy videos:
Click Here

"Holdin' It Down" by M-Phazes ft. Emilio Rojas & Rich Rivera

"Surround ourselves with vultures and snakes/
Hustlers and jakes, and women with voluptuous shapes/
We're all sinners and the culprits of hate/
And you can pay for reviews, even critics got adjustable rates/"

 I heard this song once last month, and totally forgot about it. Stumbled upon it in one of my playlists today and figured I'd put it up. This is a bonus track from the album "Phazed Out" by Australian beatmaker, M-Phazes. Emilio Rojas absolutely murdered the catchy instrumental. Rich Rivera adds some crazy vocals to enhance the song even more. Open ya Earz!

Friday, 20 April 2012

"My Universe" by La Coka Nostra ft. Vinnie Paz

"This ain't no cartoon, you're shark food. Hurry up, swim for the shore/
Or wrestle with Jaws if you think you're built for this war/
I was born from a long line of cast iron survivalists/
Streetwise grind, combined with the mind of a scientist/"

La Coka Nostra is making a return this summer, with their forthcoming album, "Masters of the Dark Arts". This is one of the tracks from the album that comes out on Tuesday, July 10, 2012. I was a little disappointed with the chorus, and was hoping the Pazmanian Damien would possibly drop a verse as well. It would've been dope as hell because both Ill Bill and Slaine murked it. Overall, it's a track worthy of listening to! Open Ya Earz..

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Elements of Music Cypher" by The Palmer Squares

"I'm a nocuous nuisance/ 
Bruise any doddering doofus, and his crew when I properly do this/
You're squad is a clueless posse of two-bits/
Well, if the shoe fits, you got some new kicks!/"

I tried to upload this song earlier this week, but the link wasn't working properly. Hopefully it works this time because people need to hear this! The Palmer Squares participate in yet another YouTube cypher, and absolutely murder it. Witness this lyrical massacre for yourself. Open Ya Earz!

"Go Study" by Illmaculate ft. OnlyOne, Krizz Kaliko & Tech N9ne

"My crew told me to come with that do or die message/
In a sewer pipe, so we don't consider human rights precious/
Where the older you get, you learn fewer life lessons/
Where we pray to Jesus ice and crucified pendants/"

I remember a couple of years ago, I used to watch Thesaurus and Illmaculate's battles from Jumpoff's World Rap Championships. I swear, they were crazy together and I recommend checking those battles out as well. But for now, I found this new track from Illmaculate's recently released album, Skrill Talk. It's called "Go Study" and features 3 other talented emcees. Krizz Kaliko blesses the electro-inspired beat with a catchy chorus, adding even more flava to the already flawless lyrics of each verse. Open Ya Earz!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Howard Stern" by Necro

"Gibson should play a holocaust victim, slaughtered/ He hates jews? I'll put my Jewish dick in your daughter!!/"
"Michelle Obama gives head like Belladonna/ She looks like a female gazelle cross-bred with Michael's llama/
Megan Fox is beggin' for cocks/ I'll get her pregnant, spread her legs and hatch the eggs in a box!!/"

Here's a new track I found today by Necro, called "Howard Stern". At first I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be hillarious. As we know, Necro is known for not giving a fuck, and saying things that other people would think twice about mentioning. His expected character is reflected in this track where he mentions many celebrities in a very vulgar way. It's pretty funny actually. The chorus isn't the greatest in my opinion, but he makes up for it with the dope beat and the twisted sense of humour. Open Ya Earz!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

"Real Shit" by Adam Bomb

Wow. Another Canadian emcee killing shit! This new track by Toronto native, Adam Bomb, is entitled "Real Shit", and the title says it all. The beats banging, rhymes and flow are on point, and some of the issues that he touches on make the song twice as dope as it already was. I liked the part in the second verse when he was talking about corrupt politicians makin' the planet a "globalized mess", fuckin' up society to make it worse for the next generation. That was some... real shit. Open Ya Earz!

This video was also featured @ F.O.R.M.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Video Trailer: Something From Nothing

  It's been a while since I've seen a movie preview that made me wanna go to the theatre. That's until this morning when I found a preview for a hip-hop documentary directed and hosted by Ice-T. The film is called "Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap" and seems to have many different guest speakers who have made an impact on hip-hop. Check out this trailer, it seems like a pretty cool film!

Also featured @ Future of Rap Music

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Mixtape Releases From Ces Cru

This week, the almighty duo, Ces Cru, split up for a little bit and each released a solo mixtape. Godemis released "The Deevil" and Ubiquitous dropped "Matter Don't Money". There have been a few songs on each of the mixtapes that I've listened to, and each song is pretty dope in it's own way. If you would like to check out the new releases, you can listen to them below:

*If for some reason these embedded players display a mixtape different from what we've intended to share with you, please click on the links in the above paragraph. For some reason, sometimes these players will supply you with an OJ Da Juiceman mixtape. Eternal Cadence does not endorse, nor do we encourage you to listen to bullshit music such as the Juiceman. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.*

"The Deevil" by Godemis

"Matter Don't Money" by Ubiquitous

Hova Mojo by Jon Connor

Last week, I listened to the second remix of Mayday's song "TNT". On the last verse, they included an emcee that I had never heard of before named Jon Connor. For that song, I honestly think he had the best verse out of anybody. So today I was browsing online and came across this new video by Jon Connor, entitled "Hova Mojo" and decided I should check it out. But anyways this track turned out to be pretty dope and I figured I'd share it. The sample used for the beat sounds soooo familiar, but I can't point out where it's from. And I really liked the dude's comment at the beginning of the video, that was some real shit. Anyways, check this shizznit. Open Ya Earz!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Thoughts From A Balcony by Mac Miller

Looks like Mac Miller finally got a taste of the high life he's been anticipating for so long. This joint right here is from his latest mixtape, Macadelic. It sounds like he needed to get a lot off of his chest since having to adapt to the all-star lifestyle. What better way to do it than write a song about it and continue his legacy. As I stated in a previous post, I haven't been too supportive of Mac Miller lately. But this is one of the recent tracks that I've heard by him that I just can't hate on. Open Ya Earz!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mixtape: Still Standing 3 by JR Writer

When I was younger, I was a huge fan of the whole Dipset movement. It was probably 75% of all of the music I listened to at the time. It seemed like when their unity died off, so did their quality of music. That's just my opinion though. But I was on DatPiff lookin through some mixtapes today and stumbled upon a recent release by JR Writer. The mixtape's called "Still Standing 3" and a lot of the songs remind me of the old school style Dipset put out. I usually don't endorse gangsta rap, but with rhyming skills this crazy you can't go wrong downloading this mixtape. Open Ya Earz!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jus Thinkin by Free J

I have no idea who this dude is and stumbled upon this song through some related videos. Kid is hot with the rhymes though so check it out.

Who Am I? by Emilio Rojas

"Ain't underrated, I'm underfunded/ 
Enough of runnin' around like I'm something I'm not, hoping they cut a budget/
I ain't one of these up and comers, a couple of 'em/
From a cover, fuck em, they better off doin' Dumb & Dumber/"

Here's a new video by Emilio Rojas that dropped yesterday. For the first couple lines, I thought this track was gonna be weaker than his usual shit, but the track as a whole product is really well done. The beat for this one built up nicely too by the time his semi-melodic chorus hit. In the first verse, he covers some personal content regarding his family. Since Emilio and I live two different lives, I can't say I relate to him, but I can definitely feel where he's coming from. I liked the second verse more than anything though. His attitude towards where he stands in the hip-hop game is exactly how I feel, and I ain't even near his amount of progress. It always satisfies me to hear a dope emcee talk down on the rest of the mediocre rappers that are put in the limelight, even if they don't deserve it. I read this quote the other day on The Jokerr's facebook feed, "It is better to deserve honours and not have them than to have them and not deserve them." I believe in this quote, and emcees like Emilio Rojas definitely deserve more props than they actually receive. Open Ya Earz!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Outlaw Shit by Struggle ft. Yelawolf & Waylon Jennings

I do not really know who this artist is and this is actually the first song I heard by him. I checked the video cuz it said Yelawolf was in it but I ended up being more impressed than I was expecting. This guy didn’t turn out to be some crazy lyricist but the songs some real shit. The video is also pretty cool, it’d be a fucked up predicament to find yourself in. Finally, I actually really dug Yelawolf’s part more than I think I would have if he full out rapped. I felt his raspy, higher singing voice fit the song. Hip-Hop songs like these can sometimes make me appreciate some of what country has to offer to its fans.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Zombie & King Villain by Slaine

 Slaine is a crazy rapper, easily my favourite member of La Coka Nostra. This first song is just a sick piece of music altogether with the heavy guitar & heavy vocals coming from Son of Skam. K Brenton thinks the one guy sounds like Ill Bill yelling haha. However, this song doesn’t show what Slaine is about for all the hip hop heads. I threw the second song in to make it clear that Slaine's not to be fucked with. These grungy Coka Nostra boys bring it hard but if by chance you're new to them, I would recommend Slaine. He breaks it down more often and has a lot of real songs about struggles that all kinds of people can relate to. Ya 'know, not just non-stop violent cryptic religious anti-illuminati bangers. Haha naw Ill Bill is dope. Check em out!

Mr. Green: Live from the Streets ft. Peter Rosenberg, Soul Khan and Uncle Terry

If you are a fan of beatmaking, you'll be sure to find this interesting. Mr. Green has produced instrumentals for well-known emcees including Pace Won, Young Zee, Jedi Mind Tricks, and several others. If you search him on YouTube, he's most popular for his "Live From the Streets" series. This series takes you on a journey through the neighbourhoods of many cities in the United States, where Mr. Green is on a search for street performers. He'll record audio clips of the street performers and take the audio files back to the lab and create a beat out of the samples. I think this is a really creative way of showing people that there's more to music than just instruments and typical composition. Creativity and imagination are also key elements to producing unique sounds. This is just one example of the many videos he's contributed to this interesting series. Open Ya Earz!

Go Hard or Go Home by Blueprint

 A couple of months ago, I found a CD by this dude named Blueprint. I remember seeing his video for a track called "Radio-Inactive", which I really liked, so I decided to give his album a listen. There were a lot of weird songs on it but a few of them were crazy. He released a video yesterday for track number 2 off of the album, "Go Hard or Go Home". This one isn't one of his best, but I still think it's pretty dope. Open Ya Earz!

NY State of Mind by Nas (SXSW2012 Performance)

 Now this is what hip hop's all about. You don't need all your homies up on the stage to make yourself feel important. All you need is a mic, a beat and one good hypeman to help you get some oxygen into your lungs. If that hypeman happens to be legendary DJ Premier, you got one hell of a performance. I was actually really impressed by his hypeman skills haha. Not just that, but the whole performance was pretty dope. This song is still as fresh as it was when Illmatic was released in 1994. Open Ya Earz!

Turn Back by Prozak

Whattup world? I haven't made a post in a few days as I have been slacking, not gonna lie haha. But I'm back to redeem myself by sharing a really dope song! This one's called "Turn Back" by the Hitchcock of Hip-hop, Prozak. This track is from his upcoming album, Paranormal, which hits the shelves on April 24, 2012. I'm really starting to see Prozak in a different light, with all of these recent tracks with meaningful messages. Check this one out and I'm sure you'll agree! 
Open Ya Earz!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dogface Go by e-dubble

Now to be honest I don't really know a lot about this guy but I know he's grinding hard. Searching him up on youtube leads you down an endless trail of his songs. I think this one showcases him well cuz the guy is intelligent and knows how to rap and I sometimes feel his beat choices don't fit him. The guy has all kinds of dope songs though don't get me wrong and this one is one of my favourites.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Canadian Talent: Ngajuana

A couple weeks ago, I received an email message from this dude regarding some music business. He wasn't trying to promote himself or anything, but I felt compelled to listen to the guys music. It turns out that Ngajuana is actually a really talented individual and really understands what it takes to create a complete song. Each song that I've heard from the London, Ontario emcee includes a tight beat, great flow and rhymes. Most of all, his subject matter is unique and creative. If there is anybody on the scene that represents truth and honesty through music, it's Ngajuana. Take some time to support Canadian talent. Open Ya Earz!

For a better selection of Ngajuana music, check his page at:

Wuddup, Jesse Here: Snow Tha Product Freestyle & Wishin' by Rittz

Wuddup y'all, I'm Jesse, a good bud of the big man K Brenton. As he is a busy guy I'll be throwin in a contribution here and there if nothing new has popped up in a bit. Always tons of music to share. I'm throwin two vids up just cuz I had a song to share but then saw this small tidbit I thought was dope. I don't normally listen to a ton of women rappers but I've always known Snow Tha Product was a chopper (not to mention sexay) and this quick freestyle video I saw today I thought was sick. Now the main feature here is the song Wishin' by Rittz. This fuzzy haired guy knows how to rap and often his songs tell it how it is: shitty. This song can really zone me out and make me think about my life when my room is foggy.