Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Rich Man's World (1%)" by Immortal Technique

"You know my CEO masonic steez cheese/
Only little people pay all these taxes and fees/
Since you were born we controlled what you watch and you read/
And pretty soon were gonna own the fuckin' air that you breathe!/"

 I actually really supported the idea Immortal Technique was tryin to get out with his album The Martyr. I think this particular song is crazy and almost kinda gets me mad for knowing it's all true. As would be expected from Immortal Technique the lyrics are right on point and he brings up a lot of controversial shit. But since he is speaking from the perspective of one of these 1%, rich, corporate, CEO, free mason fuckers I think the real power in this song comes from the chorus. The chorus is kinda spat at you like it's mocking how stupid you are for letting people get away with this stuff. And they totally are. One of the people Immortal Technique is portraying could actually sit in front of you and spew the same shit in your face, except they actually did all that messed up crap. Check it out!

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