Friday, 27 April 2012

"Stars Shine Brightest" & "Get Ignorant" by CunninLynguists

“You blessed with a mind that can see through space/
On dark nights in the stars you can find your face/
Just look up, and marvel at all the constellations/
Egyptians built pyramids from these creations/”

I haven’t dropped anything on here in a while so I’m going to make a couple posts. These first two songs are by the group CunninLynguists. Me and Brenton found out about these guys a little while ago and thought they were crazy. They have a lot of interesting concepts and the one member Kno produces exceptional beats.  This first song is to showcase how epic his beats can end up being with some cool imagery in their words.

“Keep kickin & screamin for your sense of entitlement/
Flip me off with the same hand you hold the Bible with/
All that botox, every cream, every vitamin/
Can’t cover up the ignorance that’s inside of ya/”

This second song is more to showcase CunninLynguists lyrical abilities. This is a really real song and they kill it. Check it out!

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