Thursday, 5 April 2012

Zombie & King Villain by Slaine

 Slaine is a crazy rapper, easily my favourite member of La Coka Nostra. This first song is just a sick piece of music altogether with the heavy guitar & heavy vocals coming from Son of Skam. K Brenton thinks the one guy sounds like Ill Bill yelling haha. However, this song doesn’t show what Slaine is about for all the hip hop heads. I threw the second song in to make it clear that Slaine's not to be fucked with. These grungy Coka Nostra boys bring it hard but if by chance you're new to them, I would recommend Slaine. He breaks it down more often and has a lot of real songs about struggles that all kinds of people can relate to. Ya 'know, not just non-stop violent cryptic religious anti-illuminati bangers. Haha naw Ill Bill is dope. Check em out!

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