Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tell-Lie-Vision by Sabac Red

Tell-Lie-Vision by Sabac Red
Beat Produced by J57 (Brown Bag All Stars)
Cuts by DJ Element (Brown Bag All Stars)

Intro by Julius Luciano (of Horseshoe G.A.N.G.)

This right here is a gem to anybody who enjoys the intricacy of multi-syllable rhyming. This is the intro to Horseshoe G.A.N.G.'s mixtape, "Ambitions Az a Writer". I really didn't expect a track of this calibre to be the first of a mixtape. But damn. This is the first song I've listened to from the mixtape so who knows. I might end up posting a shitload more haha. Open ya Earz!

So Crazy by Chali 2na

"They claimin' that my brain is imprisoned/
Some people say that 2na's insane with my vision/
They blame my decision to remain on a mission/
It's plain that they couldn't stand the flames in the kitchen/
My aim and intention, refrain from division/
Avoid demons swerving in my lane and collision/
This is not a game, never shame when I glisten/
Blowin fire like it's higher octane in my engine/"

I don't even need to say anything. The title of the song describes itself perfectly. Open ya earz!

Styles for Free by Diabolic

"Life's a bitch, who only treats you right when you're twice as rich/
But if you're broke, she'll cut your throat and slice your wrist/"

I remember back in the day listening to "Dance With The Devil" by Immortal Technique. At the end of the song there was a silent gap for a few seconds, and then another track played. I always thought that the first guy rappin' killed his verse. That lyrical mastermind was Diabolic. Later on, I stumbled upon him online and started searchin his songs. Almost every song he's in, he murks. Anyways I chose this one for the loose freestyle feel to a bangin' Just Blaze beat. Open ya earz!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Horrible News For Hip Hop

What the fuck, Rufus. You spent 15 years outshining your rap group, and decide to bail out on them. All because of some "creative differences"? By creative differences, does it refer to different opinions on getting Nicki Minaj's face tatooed to your arm?

Haha I'm just fuckin around. He's dippin from D12 so he can go off and start his "Weirdo Movement". It's not a movement he physically wants to practice, without D12's participation, it's like a base of fans like Juggalos or Technicians or whatever. Anyways you can check the full interview here:

In respect to his new journey in life, I'd like to share a song of his to wish him good luck. Open ya earz?

Dont Make Me by Joe Budden

"The boy wont bend/
Though the road to riches is starting to look like it don't end/
But still, I'm on 95, speedin', truly love it/
No idea where I'm goin', that's the beauty of it/"

I'm back, and I'm hittin' you with another track from another quarter of the Slaughterhouse regime. This one's from Joe Beezy, and it's called Don't Make Me. This beats gotta cool sunny California feel to it. Kinda seems like sumthin' that woulda been background music for the movie Scarface. I dunno, that's just how I hear it. Open ya earz!

125 Part 4 (Finale) by Joell Ortiz

"Moms like turn that down, I cant hear my TV/
Worryin' about them beats, I ain't raise no deadbeats/
Better find you an application boy, get up on ya feet/
But Mickey D's was dirty, my rhyme book was neat/

Plus I inked my heart and soul in them sheets!/"

A while back I bought the album, "The Brick/Bodega Chronicles" by Joell Ortiz. I was kinda disappointed with a few of the tracks, but the good ones were really good. This one probably has the most genuine classic hip hop feel outta any of 'em. I like Joell Ortiz's style nowadays, but his tracks with this style are always dope too. This one's the last track on the CD. And to my surprise, it also has a music video. Rappers nowadays always like making music videos without lettin ya know. Anyways, Open ya earz!

Roadwork by Ubiquitous (of Ces Cru)

Strange Music recently signed a new duo to join the biggest independent label in the game. 
Ces Cru (Ubiquitous and Godemis), have already been featured on a few of Tech N9ne's tracks. Being a fan of Strange Music, I decided I'd check out some of their music by itself. I liked a few of the tracks, but this one stood out. It's only Ubiquitous (no disrepect Godemis), but he kills it.  What do you think?
Open ya earz!

Hammer Dance by Slaughterhouse

SLAUGHTERRHOUUUUSE. Yet another track to get all the fans hyped for May 15th! This one's over a dope AraabMUZIK production. Not sure if it's on the upcoming album, "Welcome To: Our House", but either way it's pretty damn sick.  Open ya earz!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Fuck Your Opinion by Dizzy Wright

Being a huge supporter of Funk Volume, I was pretty critical over them adding Dizzy Wright to their roster. At first, I really wasn't feeling his music, but it's slowly growing on me. I think its cuz he's not as crazy with the rhymes as Hopsin, but I can respect the content he covers in his tracks. Especially in this track, "Fuck Your Opinion". The new single from his upcoming album, "Smokeout Conversations", has a really relaxing beat, some insightful lyrics, and great video production. Hope you like it! Open ya earz!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Hangover by Classified

This is one of my favourite tracks on the CD, "Handshakes & Middle Fingers". Check out this video for "The Hangover" by Classified ft. Kayo and Jim Cuddy. Open ya earz!

The Ride Freestyle by Tommy Zing

Damn, that's what I like to hear! This is a local guy from my hometown, Kitchener, Ontario. I've been networking with this dude for a few years, discussing tracks here and there. But I thought I'd share this one cuz he describes my booze situation exactly how it is! This guy's got mad talent. I even got an unexpected shout out at the end haha. Check out more of his shit at 
Open ya earz!

KOTD: Hollohan vs. Cortez

Hollohan Vs Cortez (Blackout 2)

Ho Lee Shiiiiiiit. These guys are crazy. I swear, no rapper in the game can fuck with a lot of these battlers. In this battle we got Hollohan from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and Cortez from Brooklyn, New York. You may see some familiar faces in the background as well. Anyways, enjoy this 27 minute long video! Open ya earz!

Daily Double: THE JOKERR

The Real One

Bite Marks

100 Bizzles

He look's fucked. He seems weird. But he's probably better than anybody in the average hip-hop listener's Top 10. As a rapper, singer, producer, and entertainer, The Jokerr has a solid advantage over most artists. The first video is a diss to another rapper named "Tha Joker". Same name, different spelling, less skill. The second is a track called "Bite Marks". This track is fuckin' dope, the beat's sick, and the lyrics in his verses are crazy. And even though this is a Daily Double post, I'm throwing in a third video as a bonus. If you look this one up on YouTube, you probably wont find it because it's unlisted. I seen the link on his facebook once because he shared it exclusively, and the link is still in my YouTube favourites. Hope you enjoy this raw shit, Open ya earz!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Daily Double: BLOCK McCLOUD

Crazy (Straitjacket Remix)

True Lies/End of Days

I first heard of Block McCloud from Vinnie Paz's album Season of the Assassin. I thought the dude had a sick voice for the chorus he did on that CD, so I decided to look up some more of his music. Turns out that not only is he crazy at singing hooks, but the dude can rap! Here's two videos from him. Ones a remix of his song "Crazy" featuring Celph Titled and RA the Rugged Man (he's actin' a fool in this video lol). The other one's a video split into two, with imagery for the songs True Lies and End of Days. Open ya earz!

Unfair by Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko and Ces Cru (Live)

With 90 shows ahead of em, it's only right they're bussin the flows live! Check out this clip of Tech, Kaliko and Ces Cru spittin' some game! It makes me angry that they aren't comin' up to Ontario again. It's unfair. Anyways Open ya earz!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Shine On by Brother Ali

Brother Ali is back in town! Here's a video that he released a couple weeks ago. It's called "Shine On", and is a track off his new mixtape, "The Bite Marked Heart". I really like how the video was filmed, and the song itself takes a huge left turn. Just listen to the story he tells and you'll see what I mean. Open ya earz!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Death March by !Mayday!

Maaaaan! I love the vibe these guys put out in their tracks. Seems like they came outta nowhere and instantly made me a fan! A lot of the beats their producer makes have a cool feel to them. Check this track called "Death March". Open ya earz!


Stay Schemin' Freestyle by Chamillionaire

Chamillitary mayne! It's good to hear Chamillionaire back in the studio. I'm pretty excited for his Ammunition EP comin' up this month. I personally prefer this version of this song over the original. Can't stand those 3 fools, that's just me though haha. Open ya earz!


Monsters in My Head

She Will

SLAUGHTERHOOOOUSE! Here's two new tracks from the supergroup. Can't wait till these fools release their next CD. Gonna be dope! Open ya earz!

Hang Yourself by Cryptic Wisdom

This guy reminds me of a friendly Inuit who watched too many horror movies and bumped too much G-Unit as a kid. K that was weird, but I don't think his image suits the persona that he tries to portray, which is why I'm not really a fan of this guy. But this track's pretty fuckin dope, if I do say so myself. Open ya earz!

Halftime by Elzhi

Can't front on Elzhi. This man's a beast. This remake of Nas' version from the album Illmatic, is revamped and lyrically upgraded by Elzhi in his mixtape, Elmatic. The production of the beat by Will Sessions is awesome, and the video was just as great. One of my favourite lines is,"Chicks give me dome in my home, while I'm sittin' spittin' poems watching Conan!" haha. El's too illwidit. Open ya earz!

Jealousy by J-Bru ft. Classified

Yes b'ys. The maritimers are fuckin' ill. I'm pretty sure this video was made for a film festival or sumthin, and it turned out pretty cool. The beat alone is sick enough for me, but J-Bru definitely made it that much better. Classified's not as good as usual in this one in terms of his rhyming, but I can respect what he's rappin about. Chizzeck this shizznit izzout. CANADA...... Open ya earz!

Old School Jus Allah Freestyle with Kin Dread

Damn this shit's sick! I wish I woulda known about Jedi Mind Tricks back in '04. I don't think it's actually an off-the-top freestyle, but Jus Allah kills it nonetheless. I've never heard about these Kin Dread mothafuckas before, but they were actually pretty crazy, and had better rhymes than Jus in my opinion. Anyways check that shit out! Open ya earz!

The Roots/John Varvatos

I have no idea what this song's called, or if it's even a song at all. All I know is that this short film performance is off the chain! It starts off with simple drums and quickly evolves into a crazy production of music. The video's pretty long for what it is, but the wait is well worth it. Open ya earz!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Big Chops by Rhythm and the Rebel

Seen this shit online today. These guys are from my hometown, Kitchener, Ontario and I thought this shit was dope. I'm not really keen on a lot of the artists around here but I dig this track. Check it.

Another Weed Song by Sketchy Waze

YEEEEA. Another weed song! Can't go wrong with that. I like what this guy did with the Willy Wonka sample. The video's interesting as well. So to all my potheads out there, roll one up and jam to this track! Btw, for some reason this dude reminds me of Jesse from Breaking Bad. What you think? Open ya earz!

I Wonder by Reef the Lost Cauze

Props to the homie Jay for puttin' me on to this track! I don't really follow up on this guy, but I've heard him in a few Jedi Mind Tricks tracks. Here's a cool video from him, he KILLS it! Open ya earz!

10 Crack Commandments Freestyle by Alyssa Marie

Woah, woah, woah. This chick seems like she has it all. The voice, the looks, THE SKILL! God damn. This chick proves for a fact that with the right drive and determination, there isn't a gender barrier in this hip hop game. She even changed my perspective to be honest! But fuck the talkin, open ya earz!

Nowhere to Run by Rittz

For a while, my homie Jesse has been listenin' to Yelawolf. I've been giving him a hard time about that - because in my humble opinion, Yelawolf's music is kinda gay. BUT it turns out that Catfish Billy has some decent partners in crime. Just found out about this dude, Rittz, and a few of his songs turned out to be pretty sick. Here's one that I thought was a pretty tight track. Open ya earz!

Noob Introduction

Whattup people! Another fine day in the life of K Brenton! This is my first post on this site and I'd like to state the purpose of my blog. It'll be short and sweet. All this is, is a showcase of hip-hop music that I think is dope. Nothin' more nothing less. The tracks that I post may be new solo tracks straight from my room, or old school hip hop that's even older than me. Once I get my own music movement goin' on I might direct this blog towards my own shit, but until then enjoy the music I like!