Tuesday, 28 February 2012

125 Part 4 (Finale) by Joell Ortiz

"Moms like turn that down, I cant hear my TV/
Worryin' about them beats, I ain't raise no deadbeats/
Better find you an application boy, get up on ya feet/
But Mickey D's was dirty, my rhyme book was neat/

Plus I inked my heart and soul in them sheets!/"

A while back I bought the album, "The Brick/Bodega Chronicles" by Joell Ortiz. I was kinda disappointed with a few of the tracks, but the good ones were really good. This one probably has the most genuine classic hip hop feel outta any of 'em. I like Joell Ortiz's style nowadays, but his tracks with this style are always dope too. This one's the last track on the CD. And to my surprise, it also has a music video. Rappers nowadays always like making music videos without lettin ya know. Anyways, Open ya earz!

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