Thursday, 27 June 2013

"Enjoy the Atmosphere" by Styles P ft. Chris Rivers & Tyler Woods

"I used to touch keys like a piano/
Pitchin' with Jadakiss and Sheek Luciano/
Used to push the Lexus with work up in the panel, or the door and the bumper/
How much work can you handle? Take it all, I'm a pumper/"

Man this track's cool. And it's sick to see this Chris Rivers dude gettin' to hook up with bigger names in the biz. That would normally bug me, being that his buzz could mainly be from him being Big Pun's son. But he's actually sick, and not just using his fathers fame to acquire his own fame without contributing to hip-hop. I'm not a huge Styles P fan, but there's certain tracks by him that I can dig for the street elements that he presents. I don't think this song's from a specific project at the moment.

Pawn Star's Chumlee Vs. Sean Price's Potato

If there's one thing I admire about Sean Price, it's his sense of humour. This video is pretty much just a mockery of Pawn Stars and it's pretty funny. I swear their ratings would rise like a muhfucka if they actually aired this lmao.

"TeamBackPack Cypher" by Obvi, Demrick, Slaine & Scoe

TeamBackPack is the shit. I fucking love what these guys are doing. The only emcee I know of from this cypher is La Coka Nostra's Slaine, but all of these guys killed it. I really liked that one Demrick dude's flow and energy, he kinda stood out from all of em in my opinion. But my opinion don't mean shit.. Watch this video and form your own!

"I Shoulda Tried Harder" by Wax

"I couldn't imagine what woulda happened/
If God wouldn't have made me good at rappin'/
It's only cuz of that, a good life I provide myself/
Just think, what if I'd applied myself/"

This track is for all of us. And the video is a humorous reminder that we should all try a bit harder when it comes to achieving our goals. Big Wax is one of my favourite artists when it comes to making straightforward music with a creative message and positive vibe. This track's from Wax's recently released album, "Continue", which can be purchased if you click here.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

"Pop Radio x Pearly Gates" by Asher Roth

"And I know just what you think, this wonderous one hit/
It's a product, a robotic, I promise it's not it/
No verse that I ain't rip, The words that you can't script/
We all know who did it first, it just hurts you to admit/"

Man I fucking love Asher Roth's style. It sounds like he's lazy as fuck when he writes but STILL kills it. I don't know what it is, it just seems like he's so used to his style that it's really easy for him to create bars all nonchalant n shit. This is from Asher's latest mixtape, "The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2", which I haven't checked yet but I'll provide the link anyways. I really liked the first beat he rapped over with the live guitar and drums. It had a sick feel to it that reminded me of something that coulda been on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack lol. And that Pearly Gates beat just takes me back to middle school lol. Sentimental shit. But yea, check this track!

Click Here to download "The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2"

"Underground King" by Madchild

"I'm a dangerous demented fuck, In a truck dented up/
Venting cuz I'm bent from drinking caffeine in a vented cup/
Walk into a club, look at me like "you don't belong here"/
They run away like I'm a motherfucking bomb scare/"

Yessss. After the last video Madchild released, I was scared he might've been taking his career down a weird path. But this C-Lance produced track brings it back to what I love Madchild's music for. A raw beat, a not-give-a-fuck attitude, and some consistent rhymes. I wish he added a chorus in between the 2 verses, even the 50 Cent sample that they added after the 2nd verse. But that's just me lmao, I always seem to identify flaws cuz I'm picky as hell. But yea. Just another random Madchild video with no substance to compliment a pretty dope song. I think this track's from his upcoming EP, "The Lawnmower Man" which drops on August 6, 2013.

"Shade45 Freestyle" by Chris Rivers

"The world is filled with liars desire to burn in fire/
But hell exists in my mind and the devil seems to admire/
My cerebral cause, provoked to always re-record/
I try to express my pain, but these words don't seem to feel no more/"

I really like this video. The first time I heard of Chris Rivers was on Vinnie Paz' "God of the Serengeti" album on a track called "Last Breath". I know he's Big Pun's son, and his verse was sick on that Vinnie track, but I never really looked into his solo music. Found this video today and decided to check it out, and he actually killed it. I can tell that he's followed the footsteps of his father in terms of keeping the rhymes and flow constantly on point, but he's got his own style as well which makes him unique from his father. Near the end DJ Kay Slay started throwing words at him, and that's when you can witness his ability to improvise on the spot. Pretty cool video, check it.

"See Me" by Tech N9ne ft. B.o.B. & Wiz Khalifa

"You can cover your eyes, brother but why/
Cuz your lady just discovered that my/
Big rubber defies, your lover blubber
so your utter replies with a tougher disguise/"

This one of them ones. Yea. Tech N9ne! Lmao. I didn't like the look of this. At first seeing that the features were B.o.B. and Wiz Khalifa made me instantly think this track was gonna be kinda fucked. But the only problem was Wiz. I can't stand his verse, but hey. At least Tech was able to get him as a feature to exchange fan bases. But I feel like this track coulda been better without him. Tech's verses both stayed relevant to the theme of "See Me" and he killed it. I really liked his second verse, and I'mma start referring to my junk as lover blubber now. Such a funny term lmao, but anyways. This is another track from Tech's "Something Else" which hits stores on the 30th of July.

Monday, 24 June 2013

"TeamBackPack Cypher" by Stevie Stone, ¡MAYDAY! & Krizz Kaliko

"I'm just askin, who the fuck's behind all these flashes/
Street lights on my block gotta Cyclops watchin' everything that passes/
Black mask is my fashion, gotta hide my face from harassment/
Paranoid that I can't avoid them boys when it's time to get my head bashed in/"

This cypher is fuckin sick. The roster for Strange Music's "Summer of Strange" tour stopped by to kick it with TeamBackPack, and recorded this video. They each step up to bat and provide a stellar vocal performance. You can tell that they all work really hard on improving their delivery because each of em were on point from start to finish. Except Wrekonize, but he quickly picked it back up and freestyled something to make up for it.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

"SourceTV Exclusive Freestyle" by Rittz

White Jesus has risen! He recently visited The Source magazine and dropped a fuckin sick freestyle. This acapella verse starts off slow, which caught me off guard. Can't really recall him rapping this slow before, but it still sounds good. But this muhfucka couldn't help but to speed it up and end it with a bang. No lyrics for this one either cuz it's not even 1 minute worth of lyrics. You're gonna have to listen to this shit!

"Super Mario Freestyle" by Black Thought

Reeq Geez muhfucka, he's a son of a gun. This is plain awesome. The frontman of the legendary Roots crew drops a freestyle over the Nintendo frontman's popular theme song. Well, a slight rendition of the original melody, but it's still pretty close. The verse itself was pretty dope for what it was. This was aired on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, so it's probably the only G rated content on this site. If you've been wanting to show your children my posts.... now's the time. No lyrics for this one cuz it's only a short video.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

"Holla-Loo-Yuh" by RA The Rugged Man ft. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko

"I'm like sell em the heroin and give em the needle/
I'm in ya cerebral, this wigger is evil/
Limit the people, piss in the cathedral/
Aborting your mission like a position that's fetal/"

Aww yeah. Been waiting for this video for a while now. Don't know why. It wasn't THAT great. But it was still entertaining. A lot of the scenes were pretty funny just seeing Tech & RA making weird faces n shit. I already posted this track when it was first released so I won't elaborate. If I tried my head would end up shakin' like RA's and I certainly don't need that. Check it!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

"Cypher of Bosses" by Horse Shoe Gang

"I use my third eye constantly/
So I don't get burned like a third reich colony/
Every single word's like reverse psychology/
Take your fuckin bitch and teach her how to ride a dirt bike properly/"
Man I don't even know where to start. There's so many artists in this track that absolutely murder the beat that I can't even analyze this song. You're just gonna have to listen for 9 minutes and understand what I'm talkin about lol.

"Watching Movies" by Mac Miller

"Now this class get lead by students/
Smoke some weed, get head while I do it/
Started out under the ground, they didn't fuck with me, now they all comin' around/
Money, I'm hunting it down, planting the seeds, working and watchin it grow/
I got so many ways I could make money, I'll always be straight, I just thought you should know/"

This track is fucking awesome. The song, the video and the beat all fit together so well. I don't even follow Mac Miller as much as I used to but I can't say he's lost his gift. I love how the beat switches up for the chorus. It has some sick sounding strings in it that add some sick flavour to the already dope beat. Even though he isn't talkin bout much in this track, he kills the rhymes and it's just a good song overall. This is from his upcoming album "Watching Movies With the Sound Off" which releases on June 18th. Check it!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

"Smells Like" by Jarren Benton ft. RA the Rugged Man

"None of you dumb fucks concerning us/
I tie you to the gas stove in Hell, tell Lucifer turn the furnace up/
Me and RA the Rugged, you fuckers gon love it/
You a bitch, you snuggle with men, take dick, kiss it and chug it/"

This track is really vulgar and grimy. I love it. Both Jarren Benton and RA the Rugged Man have crazy flows and lyrics that create imagery in your mind. The beat's also really grimy and these dude's wrote their lyrics to fit it perfectly. I'm startin' to dig Jarren Benton's music a bit more now that I know all of it's pretty raw and fucked up. He's good at making this kinda music lol. Check it!

"Pass that Dutch" Freestyle by Asher Roth

"Time to make the party start/
Yea, but once we start the party sorry kids, we party hard/
Already barred, I've been blacklisted from the bar/
Yea, but disregard the part about pissin' in Clinton's yard/"

This freestyle's crazy. Asher Roth is so sick at entertaining without even really saying that much. The dude's got such a laid back and relaxed flow that sounds awesome over this Missy Elliot beat. I don't have much else to say bout this, it kinda speaks for itself lol. Check it.

"We Got Soul" by Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!)

"Better myself to go and hustle any way I knew/
A million jobs it took for me to get on stage with you/
This is that battle cry, welcome to The War Within/
Pick up your tools and point 'em back at you, you're born again/"

This video's cool as hell. I like how they layered the different scenes over top of the footage of Wrekonize. Aside from that, this song's amazing. It's got that cool echoey vibe in the beat that I've been hearing recently from Strange Music. Reminds me of a beat that coulda been on Constant Energy Struggles by Ces Cru. The lyrics are dope and as always, Wrekonize kills the melodic parts. This song's off Wrek's upcoming album, "The War Within", which drops on the 25th of this month.

Friday, 7 June 2013

"It's A Queens Thing" by Action Bronson & Kool G Rap (Prod. by Statik Selektah)

"Eyes shining like diamonds, smiling like new veneers/
Fuck her once, left a souvenir/
Plus she take it through the rear door/
I watched her change, now she ballin, got a clear floor/"

I like this track. It's gotta sick Statik Selektah produced beat to it, and both Action Bronson and Kool G Rap did their thing. I'm not a huge fan of Action Bronson, his voice annoys me sometimes but I didn't mind him in this song. This track's from Tony Touch's mixtape, "Piecemaker 3: Return of the 50 MC's", which drops July 9th.

"Acid Reflux" by ILL BILL [Music Video]

"Dope dealer storm dancers rain down chronic showers/
The Cult Leader cure cancer with hypnotic powers/
Goon druggie, tie dyed, psychedelic paint job/
Dune buggy drive-bys, heretics that hate god/"

Today ILL BILL dropped a visual for one of my favourite songs off his latest album, "The Grimy Awards". This track's called "Acid Reflux" and it's produced by Large Professor. I like this track for the beat, and the Cult Leader's lyrics. This one's packed with rhymes and a bunch of humourous/trippy lines. The video's not bad either, it's better than a lot of the video's he's put out. But yea, enjoy an actresses synthetic acid trip!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

"Forbidden Fruit" by J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar

"Slick with words, don't hate me son/
What you eat don't make me shit, and who you fuck don't make me cum/
Put a price on my head, won't make me run/
Try to kill me, but it can't be done/"

I don't really follow either of these emcees. But I heard this song today and I thought it had a nice vibe to it. The beat has such a sick jazzy sound and J. Cole brought those elements to life with his lyricism. Kendrick Lamar adds some sick elements as well in the chorus. This track's from J. Cole's upcoming album, "Born Sinner", which drops on June 18, the same day as albums from Kanye West, Statik Selektah, Fabolous and Mac Miller. It's gonna be an interesting summer.

"Big Boy Dialogue" by Jadakiss ft. The-Dream


"I got the perimeter covered/
It's what the thugs die for, but the women'll love it/
Hands on with the people, blend in with the public/
Lyrically nobody equal, that's the end of the subject/"
I always forget about Jadakiss lol. But he's the type of artist that'll make raw tracks like this to remind you who he is. This song's badass. The beat's so heavy and Jadakiss kills it with those rhymes. Reminds me of something that could been on his album "The Last Kiss". Not sure if this is from a project or if it's just a single, but it's worth listening to.

"Waves" Freestyle by Locksmith

"Due to your interference, my inner appearance blossomed/
I'm making Snapple with rotten apples inside of Gotham/
Tryna cope with these jokers like Christian Bale/
When the system fails, niggas blamin' somebody quick/
So all of these mediocre rappers ??? shine, either it's from a co-sign or suckin somebody's dick/"

Posted a few Locksmith videos lately since he's started marketing his latest mixtape, "The Green Box". I still haven't checked that project out because I'm still listening to his prior mixtape. But based on this and several of the freestyles he's done lately, I can tell it'll be dope. In this video Lock raps over the instrumental to Joey Bada$$' track, "Waves". This is some lyrical shit and he spits it all clear and on time. Check it.

"Fortune Force Field" by Tech N9ne

"How do I maintain my autonomy?/
With so many leeches in this economy?/
My moaning is merely monetary/
But the moment it's really gone, it's scary/"

Maaaaan. This song sounds so fucking good in my studio monitor headphones. After a few EPs and a shitload of touring, Tech's next project, "Something Else", is scheduled to drop on July 30th. I personally can't wait, especially after hearing this track. I really like the beat and all of the melodic parts Tech was spittin. At first I wasn't even too fond of the verses, but after listening to it a few times and understanding what the song's about, I think it's sick. But the best part is that chorus. The chorus is just nuts. Check for yourself.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

"Like Water" by Pro Era

"But it ain't happening, we mad at shit/
Still managing, yo can I bust if I got cannabis/
A half a zip could have her pants unzipped/
Ain't never romantic shit, so don't be saddened if you couldn't have a kiss/"

Not a huge fan of Joey Bada$$, even though it seems like there's plenty of people who think he's really dope. But I decided to check this track and it's pretty sick. I honestly prefer Capital STEEZ and CJ Fly over Joey Bada$$, in this song at least. The Statik Selektah beat is sick as hell, and the scratching in it makes it even better. I liked the visuals too, they matched the mood of the beat perfect. But yea, sick track with a nice classic hip-hop feel. Check it.

"Brawkalee" by Atlast (Prod. Infameezy)

"Dog, my madness is magic, won't vanish/
Fully automatic, don't give shits, it's tragic/
Just cant have it, always wonder how I manage/
In yo city, in yo block, we the mad men/"

These LA dudes make the hip-hop movement in their area look fun as hell. This track altogether just has a fun feel to it. Reminds me of some playful Redman kinda shit. The beat's sick as hell, both Exsr and Relevant had pretty tight verses, and the music video was filmed well. The scratching at the end of the track adds the icing to the cake. Check it.

"Freak" by Wrekonize ft. Tech N9ne

"This is not for the women talkin' bout a little romance/
I mean the women not afraid to get both hands close and down on a grown man/
She got toys and the wax all down to her back in a outfit of latex/
But it's feeling quite dangerous, this ain't ever really felt like safe sex/"

Mannn that first white chick is gorgeous. If I was the dude on the other end of the phone, I'd be coming home fo sho. This song's alright too lol. Not my favourite track from Wrekonize, but it's still alright. It's gotta fast paced beat with a lot of energy, and a dope verse from Tech N9ne. And 2/3 women in this video are really fuckin hot. This track's from Wrekonize's upcoming album, "The War Within" which drops on June 25. Should be another interesting project from the Strange Music empire!