Saturday, 15 June 2013

"Watching Movies" by Mac Miller

"Now this class get lead by students/
Smoke some weed, get head while I do it/
Started out under the ground, they didn't fuck with me, now they all comin' around/
Money, I'm hunting it down, planting the seeds, working and watchin it grow/
I got so many ways I could make money, I'll always be straight, I just thought you should know/"

This track is fucking awesome. The song, the video and the beat all fit together so well. I don't even follow Mac Miller as much as I used to but I can't say he's lost his gift. I love how the beat switches up for the chorus. It has some sick sounding strings in it that add some sick flavour to the already dope beat. Even though he isn't talkin bout much in this track, he kills the rhymes and it's just a good song overall. This is from his upcoming album "Watching Movies With the Sound Off" which releases on June 18th. Check it!

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