Wednesday, 12 June 2013

"Smells Like" by Jarren Benton ft. RA the Rugged Man

"None of you dumb fucks concerning us/
I tie you to the gas stove in Hell, tell Lucifer turn the furnace up/
Me and RA the Rugged, you fuckers gon love it/
You a bitch, you snuggle with men, take dick, kiss it and chug it/"

This track is really vulgar and grimy. I love it. Both Jarren Benton and RA the Rugged Man have crazy flows and lyrics that create imagery in your mind. The beat's also really grimy and these dude's wrote their lyrics to fit it perfectly. I'm startin' to dig Jarren Benton's music a bit more now that I know all of it's pretty raw and fucked up. He's good at making this kinda music lol. Check it!

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