Thursday, 6 June 2013

"Fortune Force Field" by Tech N9ne

"How do I maintain my autonomy?/
With so many leeches in this economy?/
My moaning is merely monetary/
But the moment it's really gone, it's scary/"

Maaaaan. This song sounds so fucking good in my studio monitor headphones. After a few EPs and a shitload of touring, Tech's next project, "Something Else", is scheduled to drop on July 30th. I personally can't wait, especially after hearing this track. I really like the beat and all of the melodic parts Tech was spittin. At first I wasn't even too fond of the verses, but after listening to it a few times and understanding what the song's about, I think it's sick. But the best part is that chorus. The chorus is just nuts. Check for yourself.

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