Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"Crook 'n Porter" by Crooked I

"A gorilla lookin' nigga eatin' a banana in my range rover/
Them snow bunnies smellin pheromones from a lane over/
Ain't no I in team, but it's two I's in wii,
And when wii go black ops, nigga game over/"

Yesterday was the release of Crooked I's new LP, "Apex Predator". Crooked I is one of my favourite lyricists, and this track is a great example of why I say that. Crooked I murks this Mr. Porter beat and provides visuals to keep things fresh. Check it.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

"So Dope" by Tech N9ne ft. Wrekonize, Twisted Insane & Snow tha Product [Music Video]

"Let it in, I'm the medicine, get her wetter than ever been/
Never better than a veteran, level that in the bed again/
Rockin' red I been in my letterman, bright as Edison/
Like I said I sin, head I win at events and I’m fetishin'/"

Tech N9ne released his video for this track today, which is probably one of my favourite releases from "Something Else" so far. Looks like Tech was being greedy with the video vixens haha. Check it.

To pre-order "Something Else", click here.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

"I Am Who I Am (Killin' Time)" ft. Niki Randa [Music Video]

"We wonder bout life, but none of us willing to learn/
Money we earn's something to burn, why won't they give me a turn/
Feed the hungry and clothe the naked/
You mistaken, the world is cold and it's lonely ain't it/"

Another video to express the tracklist of Mac Miller's recently released "Watching Movies With the Sound Off". Still haven't listened to this album, but based on the video releases, the shit sounds dope. Order your copy by clicking here.

"Reignfall" by Chamillionaire ft. Scarface, Killer Mike & Bobby Moon

"See, life chose us, but we chose the life we living/
We speak of fate, then we say those are likely written/
Snakes come with the cake, oh, looks like he's bitten/
Your life's a gift but I'm like who knows if life's a given/"

Although this sample has been used in both Cormega and Royce da 5'9" tracks, both of which I really like, I can still get down to this track. Last night I checked the iTunes previews for this new "Reignfall EP", and a lot of it sounds fuckin clean. Chamillionaire's the shit. This is the only track on the EP with features, so if you like this you might wanna click here and check the rest of the EP.

"Multi Til The Sun Die" by Big K.R.I.T. [Music Video]

"I can't deny that, most don't survive rap/
Plus being poor wasn't easy, and we survived that/
Too many times I left home and had to drive back/
Cuz deals fell through, instead of beat they'd rather buy a sack/"

This deep, from-the-heart track finally has some visuals to compliment it. This is one of my favourites off of "King Remembered in Time", which can be downloaded by clicking here.

"3 Foot Tall" by Classified [Music Video]

"I freeze time like photographs, living for the moment/
I'm taking mental pictures, reminiscing while I'm growing/
When I see the light of day, right away I write away/
Cuz things I write and say give me direction like Michael Bay/"

Here's some new visuals for the cheery single from Classified's self-titled album. Check out Classified's website by clicking here.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

"Ill Mind of Hopsin 6" by Hopsin

"And it's pitiful, where the fuck they at now?/
In they mid-twenties, passed out inside of a crack house/
Back when you met 'em I had doubts, they put you on a bad route/
And when you needed their help to pick you up they fuckin backed out!/"
Today Hopsin released his 6th installment of the "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series. And with each installment, his subject matter gets more and more serious. This one is strictly one topic, no disses, just straight up life experiences spoken from the heart. It seems like a continuation of his track from Gazing At The Moonlight, "Chris Dolmeth", but this one's a lil more serious than the last. The video's clean as fuck, production is tight, and the lyrics and delivery are crazy of course. This shit's deep son! Check it.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

"HighRide" by ¡MAYDAY!

"Let it fall to the floor/
So we can pick it up, get tall for some more phone calls from the lord/
Stars in the north and it's hard to ignore/
That everyone of them felt far than before/"

Today I went to pick up the new ¡MAYDAY! album, "Believers". I ended up getting it for free because the lady at the counter forgot to scan it through lmaoooo. So now I'm loving this album more than I should. I really like this track. The beat's simple as hell, but I think that helped make the mood of the song. The singing parts sound good, and both of their verses were dope. I liked Wrekonize's verse a lot. The video's not that bad either. Check it!

"The Plot Thickens" by The Palmer Squares x Umphrey's McGee

"Some choose to believe they're a trooper or soldier/
But they're pawns on the frontline, at dawn when the sun rise/
Lost with a dull mind, financially desperate/
In the presence of management they stand at attention/"

This is probably the coolest video I've seen from these guys. The song itself is dope enough, but they added the icing to the cake with these visuals. I really like the theme of this track, and as always, these guys nailed it. I've always thought The Palmer Squares were crazy, sometimes too crazy. It's sick hearing them tone it down a notch to simply get a point across. With that being said, it's a very small notch haha. This shit's still amazing. Check it!

"Everything" by Locksmith

"And I'm soakin' up this journey while I'm on it/
Tryna see things clearer, that mirror was my opponent/
Potent words pierce a nigga's heart, watch it as it flutters/
Tryna wash clean inside the gutter/
I know.."

This track's sick. Locksmith just dropped this video to a track from his latest mixtape, "The Green Box". It's got a cool atmospheric feel to the beat, which fits perfect with the video. As always, Locksmith easily displays his lyrical talent and shows why he deserves a little more credit. Check it!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"Fragile" by Tech N9ne ft. Kendrick Lamar, iMAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan

"Cuz they wrote nothin' but lies,
Quotes stuck in my eyes, amateur writer dissin'/
He's a beginner and hopes for your demise,
Folks I'mma despise never do try to listen/

Unfortunately, the Eternal Cadence team is on holidays this week and we've been slackin' with the blogging. On the other hand, I'm drunk right now and I just found another leak from Tech N9ne's upcoming album, "Something Else". I'm so surprised with the sound of this song. It's got that bluesy iMAYDAY! vibe, and everybody on this track brought their a-game. I don't know who Kendall Morgan is, but her voice is beautiful. It fits in with Wrekonize's melodic part, and equally well with the beat. Both Tech and Kendrick had some insane delivery in their verses. This song's crazy.

To pre-order "Something Else", click here.

Monday, 8 July 2013

"Gees" by Mac Miller ft. ScHoolboy Q

"Act polite, but I'm nasty on the mic/
Your bitch don't want my dick? Then she has to be a dyke/
Slap her but she like it, tell me master feed me pipe/
I'm the scotch on the rocks, you the apple tini type/"

This shit's siccccck. Still haven't had a chance to check out Mac Miller's new album. But the few singles he's released from it were all pretty sick so far. I liked this one, but I feel like if I hadn't seen the video first I'd have mixed feelings for it. I'm not a fan of that high-pitched voice sound, and the beat's not the greatest. That's just my opinion though. Other than that, his lyrics and how they rhyme are crazy, and I really like the video. Check it.

Friday, 5 July 2013

"Rocket" by Dope DOD [Live Performance]

I think these guys are dope as hell. These dutch motherfuckers took our language and decided to wreck shit with it. I'm not a huge fan of that Dopey Rotten guy, but I like Jay Reaper and Skits Vicious sometimes. I just thought this was a cool video because of how it was filmed. Not to mention they're in a weird sideways room. Check it!

"It Gets Better" by Madchild ft. Sophia Danai

"I'm bursting with personality, thirst for a new reality/
Lets rally up together and create a new mentality/
Watch out for the poison cuz this world is filled with mad snakes/
And I don't know for sure if it gets better, but I have faith/"

I can definitely dig this joint. It's a lil bit of a surprise to hear this sound coming from Madchild. It's a lil mellow and it's slower than what I'm used to hearing from him. The rhymes aren't even the greatest, but I can overlook that just because of the song's meaning. This song's from Madchild's upcoming album, "Lawnmower Man" which drops on August 6, 2013.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

"#1234" by Lupe Fiasco [Lamborghini Angels/ ITAL (Roses)/ Audobon Ballroom]

"It's called being fiscally responsible/
Don't let these lying images up in hip-hop here conquer you/
The TV's not your father fool, that video not your mama/
Try yo best to be a man and the worst to be a monster/"

This video's almost 13 minutes, and features 3 full songs from Lupe Fiasco's "Food & Liquor Pt. 2". But if you like music that expresses social awareness and the demand for change, this project's for you. It does get a little hard to sit through when "ITAL (Roses)" comes on because it's mainly one frame of the kid watching TV. But if you dissect what happens in this video, it has a pretty deep message to it. I seen this as a way of showing the progression of the effects of oversaturated hip-hop music. First it shows kaleidoscopic images of fried chicken, a hot bitch, blunts and various material items that are glorified strongly through mainstream music. I perceive it to proceed into the effects that this form of hip-hop may have on the little black kid, who just accepts everything he's been fed and becomes what he's been exposed to. For the third song I was thinking maybe they were showing the different groups of people who have contrasting opinions on what's being displayed to the youth. But that's just my quick interpretation which could be completely inaccurate from the message that was intended to be shared. Seems like it could mean something deeper than I'm capable of analyzing at this hour of the night lol. Check it out and form your own opinion!

"Born on the 4th of July" by Dale Firebird

"Only pasta I eat is mac and cheese/
I don't drive it if it's Japanese/
I don't buy it if it's made in Europe/
And I sure don't eat it if it's maple syrup/"

This is my favourite American rapper, straight up. I don't even care if this guy doesn't like Canadians, cuz his rhymes and swag are on point! Dale Firebird, ladies and gentleman!

"Untitled Freestyle" by Shad

This video's fuckin sick. So simple, yet so intricate. Shad just sits on his couch while a beat's playing, and murders this beat for almost 7 minutes. He kinda reminds me of Asher Roth in the sense that his delivery seems so effortless and natural. Lots of nice lines in this one.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

"Bob Seger" by Atmosphere

"I ain't as cool as I used to be, leave me alone/
I'm kinda blurry from the journey man, my speakers are blown/
Truthfully, I'd rather keep it in a zone/
I could maneuver easily, from the comfort of my home/"
This song has such a cool vibe. The Minnesota dream team recently released this track without any info regarding a project. Even if it isn't part of an upcoming album, I definitely feel this track. Slug always does the best job at killin' a beat with fairly simple lyrics. Check it!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Judge and Jury" by Jon Connor

"I gotta answer to God, don't gotta answer to y'all/
Fuck niggas, especially niggas hatin' on blogs/
Fuck a magazine, fuck a review, like I need an excuse/
To do what I gotta do, nigga I don't need a motherfuckin reason!/"

Man I got nothing but respect for Jon Connor. And I'm glad I ain't gotta feel guilty for the 2nd line above, because I ain't got nothin' but love for what this dude's tryna do! This is track 17 from Jon Connor's latest album, Unconscious State, which just dropped yesterday. The video to go along with it is well done, and provides a gritty feel to match the not-give-a-fuck attitude that Jon displays in this track. Check it!

"Let It Burn" by K-Rino

"Snakes in the temple, no more signs and symbols/
A satanic collage is what his mind resembles/
This the end, the finale, bottom line, it's simple/
If you ride with this devil then its time to tremble"
Oh man this song is crazy. The message this guy is trying to get across is important so I'm just gonna get this out of the way and say this guy's lyrical skills are awesome, like the rhymes speak for themselves. I had never heard of this guy until just hearing this song and I was really impressed. But when you're done listening don't just sit back and say "that was dope." If you made it to the end of the song you're someone who I know is into this kind of information and radical claims. These are very real concerns being explained out as best K-Rino can in a quick time. I am not asking you to believe anything but if you would like to see evidence of why people like him feel so strongly about these things you should visit this youtube channel: If nothing there interests you so be it, but there are questions that will come up on that page. Questions that deserve answers.

"So Dope" by Tech N9ne ft. Wrekonize, Twisted Insane & Snow tha Product

"Open up, you hoes you know what's up/
Told you when I bust, her clothes they wanna just/
Go right off her butt, for sure they wanna cut/
Explode, drop a load cuz the flow is so dope they wanna/"

Man this song is fucking sick. I'm a little disappointed that there's so many features because I've already heard Tech's verse through the Independent Sampler. Was hoping to hear a little more come outta him over this beat, but who am I to be demanding shit! This song is still crazy. Wrek and Twisted Insane were ok, but the main attraction in this song for me today is Snow tha Product. That girl is fucking raw. She ended this song off so well, and I was diggin' what she was talkin' about. This girl ain't no hoe, she's a hardworking woman that ain't got time for your little dick lmaooo. Tech N9ne's "Something Else" drops July 30th, and boasts features from Kendrick Lamar, Game, The Doors, Big KRIT, BoB, and more. And you're gonna click here and pre-order it, right?