Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"So Dope" by Tech N9ne ft. Wrekonize, Twisted Insane & Snow tha Product

"Open up, you hoes you know what's up/
Told you when I bust, her clothes they wanna just/
Go right off her butt, for sure they wanna cut/
Explode, drop a load cuz the flow is so dope they wanna/"

Man this song is fucking sick. I'm a little disappointed that there's so many features because I've already heard Tech's verse through the Independent Sampler. Was hoping to hear a little more come outta him over this beat, but who am I to be demanding shit! This song is still crazy. Wrek and Twisted Insane were ok, but the main attraction in this song for me today is Snow tha Product. That girl is fucking raw. She ended this song off so well, and I was diggin' what she was talkin' about. This girl ain't no hoe, she's a hardworking woman that ain't got time for your little dick lmaooo. Tech N9ne's "Something Else" drops July 30th, and boasts features from Kendrick Lamar, Game, The Doors, Big KRIT, BoB, and more. And you're gonna click here and pre-order it, right?

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