Saturday, 21 December 2013

"Tie Breaker" by Naturally Born Strangers [Music Video]

"Arms tatted up, mad as fuck, something was said/
All I seen was young Sean getting punched in his head/
If he was smart he'd of took his little thumpin and fled/
Instead he went home and got a gun from under his bed/"

Originally posted this when it was released as just a single, but they dropped the video recently. The visuals suit the mood of the song really well and help bring the lyrics to life. Check it.

Friday, 20 December 2013

"That's That" by Herbal T [Music Video]

"It's like I was biting a prune/
Cuz I'll be droppin mad shit soon, ass sounding like a bassoon/
Herbal T, broke joke, money trifling but soon/
I'm tryna see that big cake like a wife and a groom/"
I think this guys parents had rhymes in their chromosomes. Both Herbal T and Wax are fucking beasts. I'm glad to hear a single from this guy cuz I've heard his verses on his brother Wax's mixtapes, and I've always thought he was dope. If you like rhymes, you'll like this groovy track. Check it.

"Pot of Gold" by Asher Roth

"We all got problems, don't need yours/
Keep that shit on record/
What the hell y'all be lookin at me for?/
We all just ordinary people/"

Asher Roth dropped this mellow joint the other day, "Pot of Gold". It's a typical Asher Roth song, including dope rhymes, a nice beat and some insightful lyrics for only one verse, unfortunately. Check it.

"Madiba" by Rakim (Nelson Mandela Tribute)

"Then soon a man emerged, in tune with the planet Earth/
He made a move to Johannesburg/
Under the dark sky/
He realized being free would cost him his life due to the apartheid/"
Rakim turns historical facts about Nelson Mandela into a hip-hop masterpiece. This song's sick just for it's storytelling and informative nature. For people like me, who know very little about Mr. Mandela, this is education in the form of music. Check it.

Monday, 16 December 2013

"Dead Horse (A Final Word to Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Strange Music and Funk Volume)" by The Jokerr

"Even if you don't deserve it just take it and chill, cuz people hurt you as a symptom of the pain that they feel,
And probably from somebody hurting them the way they did you, and the cycle will continue till the hatred is through,
So if you got somebody out there and you know who they are, you really cared about, who left your heart broken and scarred,
It might be time to swallow that pride and punch in a call, and put and end to that sick cycle once and for all"
Since I originally shared every one of Jokerr's diss videos to Hopsin and Tech I suppose it wouldn't be right to not share the positive conclusion to it all. Now I was first thinking it was weird Jokerr was still worrying about these guys but now that I saw this I understand. This was some pretty real stuff you don't hear in rap very often and it was nice to see Jokerr overpowering his own pride for once cuz the truth is this guy has a lot of talent and I could see him just barreling through this alone. I also thought the ending of the video was really great when a special guest shows up and you realize the black and white images aren't completely videos from some far away past. Anyways check out the video for yourself and maybe even take some time to think about some people in your own life you have beef with.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

"Crab Legs" by gaVen heVy [Music Video]

"I gaze out of my optical view/
The system is trill cuz if you get chopped then you screwed/
I move my movement cuz my movement is made
For young winners in cage, the dream is enslaved/"

Here's a music video by an up-and-coming young artist from Brooklyn, NY, gaVen heVy. This track has a nice upbeat vibe with some meaningful lyrics and a catchy lil hook. It's the single from his upcoming EP, "...Dedicated to Her" which drops on New Years Day.

"Violations" by Talib Kweli ft. Raekwon

Pocket full of coins, producers on set/
Niggas with the coupes is on next/
The losers gon step, The users gon check/
We choosin our ninjas, the jewels is on deck/"

Listening to this song was strange for me, because I'm typically not very fond of Raekwon, and Talib Kweli's always either hit or miss for me. But they were both killin it in this song so I had to share it. This is probly the most multisyllable rhymes that I've heard Raekwon spit in a verse. I'm impressed.

"The Hatred 2" by Snowgoons ft. Slaine, Madchild & Sicknature

"The hatred, it drives me, the rage is aching inside me/
I came to break in the windows and raid this vacant society/
Now the building is shaking cuz there's an ape in the lobby/
Robbin' safes and the troopies rapin' and tapin' up Barbie/"

This track's fuckin sick. Yesterday Madchild dropped a track that we weren't really feeling. So this release redeemed him of his past mistakes lol. Maybe we're too critical. Both Slaine and Madchild kill their verses in this and make me eager to hear more of their collaborations as their newly formed duo, "Super Villain". Check it!

"Overpass" by Papoose

"Contract killer who quick to put out a contract/
Put more bands on your head than that Lebron cat/
Bullets that explode in your nervous system on contact/
That whip open up from the top like a Newport pack/"

Papoose dropped this sick lil song yesterday over a familiar sample. It's a pretty simple track but Papoose calmly kills it. Check it!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"5 Fingers of Death Freestyle" by R-Mean

"Tell these rappers how it is/
I see a skinny jeans wearing muhfucka, I'ma snap him like a twig/
The baddest in the biz, actually the kid's/
Not a backstabber, see I'd rather stab you in the ribs/"
Never heard of this guy before, but luckily I check out most of the 5 Fingers of Death videos regardless of who it is. This guy had a lot of sick lines and his rhymes were pretty good too. Check it.

Monday, 9 December 2013

"No Writer's Block, I Like To Rap" by Dizzy Wright

"23, with a daughter goin' on three/
I think like, in eighteen years what will she be?/
Since day one I've been official/
But if I don't use my voice to benefit my baby girl, then this ain't beneficial/"
Don't hate. If you had 300,000 likes on Facebook, you'd title your track how Dizzy Wright did. Dizzy dropped this track in celebration of the social networking accolade. It's gotta sick beat and Dizzy kept a good mixture of wise lyrics, flow and rhymes in there. Check it!

"Listen" by Jon Connor ft. SRH & Maffew Ragazino

"Trapped in a shell, feel like I'm trapped in this Hell/
Convict is back in his cell, bitin' my nails/
On the road to riches, but I feel like the Devil is hot on my trail/"
Ever since Jon Connor announced his official deal with Aftermath, I've been eager to hear what's next to come from the Flint, Michigan emcee. Today I found this track by him which keeps that classic Jon Connor vibe, but the beat sorta amps it up a little more than usual. Never heard of those Maffew Ragazino or SRH dudes, but they were iight. Check it!

"Best Mistake" by Saigon ft. G. Martin

"Though she probly feeling lower than the Everglades/
Though her life probly seen a lot of better days/
Gotta admit, the way she look into that little face/
She knew I was the best mistake she ever made/"

Saigon just dropped a new track outta the blue. It's a little sappy, and these are the kinda Saigon songs that I end up avoiding from his albums. Regardless of it sounding like a radio song, it's still a cool idea that I haven't heard before. The Yardfather's still on point with the rhymes as well. Check it.

"Trillmatic" by A$AP Mob ft. A$AP Nast & Method Man [Music Video]

I don't follow these A$AP Mob dudes at all. But I found this track by A$AP Nast which also includes a dirty Method Man verse. This track definitely has that old school NY sound to it. Not bad at all.... Check it!

"Cuz I'm Famous" by Travis Barker & Scoop Deville ft. Paul Wall, Hopsin, & Yelawolf


"Making a fortune, watching the whores come/
Fuck 'em raw then make 'em get abortions/
Here's a line of cocaine, you should snort some/
I'm the new rapper brainwashing your son/"

The music team over at Famous Stars and Straps have finally collaborated to make some dope music. This Travis Barker x Scoop Deville produced beat features Paul Wall, Hopsin and Yelawolf, all of which are sponsored by FSAS. Thus, the title of the song. Check it.