Monday, 16 December 2013

"Dead Horse (A Final Word to Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Strange Music and Funk Volume)" by The Jokerr

"Even if you don't deserve it just take it and chill, cuz people hurt you as a symptom of the pain that they feel,
And probably from somebody hurting them the way they did you, and the cycle will continue till the hatred is through,
So if you got somebody out there and you know who they are, you really cared about, who left your heart broken and scarred,
It might be time to swallow that pride and punch in a call, and put and end to that sick cycle once and for all"
Since I originally shared every one of Jokerr's diss videos to Hopsin and Tech I suppose it wouldn't be right to not share the positive conclusion to it all. Now I was first thinking it was weird Jokerr was still worrying about these guys but now that I saw this I understand. This was some pretty real stuff you don't hear in rap very often and it was nice to see Jokerr overpowering his own pride for once cuz the truth is this guy has a lot of talent and I could see him just barreling through this alone. I also thought the ending of the video was really great when a special guest shows up and you realize the black and white images aren't completely videos from some far away past. Anyways check out the video for yourself and maybe even take some time to think about some people in your own life you have beef with.

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