Monday, 1 September 2014

"Hallelujah" by Dilated Peoples ft. Fashawn, Rapsody, Domo Genesis, Vinnie Paz & Action Bronson

"You think that you can box with Vinnie, dummy that's obscene/
The nine milli silly dummy, but the mac is mean/
The downstairs' wild gritty, but the attic clean/
You have unbearable likeness and just a lack of being/"

This shit bangs. I love the beat and everybody on it kills it. It's from Dilated Peoples' album, "Directors of Photography" which dropped last month. Collaborations like this are great. Check it.

"Stay In Your Lane" by Swisha T, Johnny Bravo & Charron [Music Video]

"Capisce, my bitch'll leave you dropped in the streets/
I'll swing my dog on a leash until it knocks out your teeth/
Feed the beast, the demon is being re-released/
I'll motherfuckin leave a priest hangin' by a Jesus piece/"

Never heard of Swisha T & Johnny Bravo before, but I'm a fan of Charron's battles so I decided to check this out. It's not bad, the video's cool even tho some parts are a bit fucked up lol. The verses were sick tho there's a lot of hillarious lines. Check it.

EP Stream: "Labour Day EP" by Tait

My engineer is also one hell of an artist. Tait, 1/2 of The Rhythm & The Rebel, dropped a 10-track EP this morning which adds something fresh to our growing local scene. All production is done by Chase N Cashe. Check this shit out now!