Thursday, 31 July 2014

"Vietnam" by Joe Budden ft. Ransom

"Niggas know I'm raw with the rhymes/
Cuz I'm known to off sides with these offensive lines/
Leave em lost in the vines, you thinkin' it's social media/
I'm thinkin' it's deep in the jungle with hopes of leavin ya/"

I love this track. The beat and the energy they had on this track were crazy. Not sure if this is on a project or anything, but it could definitely make the cut. Check it.

"Profit" by Rittz ft. Yelawolf & Shawty Fatt

"When I was young, ain't no kids out carolling around the holidays, they were pistol carrying/
In despair, gettin' paper was imperative, when reaching in my pocket, only thing there was lint/
But like a ??? don't wanna spare a cent, we suited up in all black and a pair of 10's/
I ran up in the local baller's house, I lay it down, mothafucka show me where it is/"

Here's some Slumerican shit. Rittz is dropping "Next to Nothing" on September 9th, and as far as I can remember this is the first official release from it. Although I didn't really like the buzzing in the chorus, I thought the rest of it was pretty dope. Rittz kills it as usual but Yelawolf and Shawty Fatt both had pretty strong verses as well. Check it.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"StreetFighter" by emoceans.

"I couldn't let myself talk like ya talkin'/
There ain't no second guessin in the steps that you're walkin/
They say that sellin is an excellent option/
But what's the cost in the devilish auction/"

Here's some Kitchener shit for ya. This popped up on my SoundCloud feed this morning and when I heard it, I had to share it. I used to chill with these guys in high school and they make some pretty sick music now. It's dope hearing people you know killin' it. Make sure to check their page if you're feelin this one!

"Getting High" by Slaine ft. Demrick [Music Video]

"This is the place I see my demons, where they haunt me at/
I try to leave and go away, they always want me back/
My neighbourhood is where the real life zombies at/
Just seen Johnny noddin' off down the laundromat/"

This video makes me wanna get high (but not as high as some of the people included in the footage). I know Slaine's been on the path of sobriety lately, so this track's probably just a reflection on the past for him. This cut's from him upcoming "The King Of Everything Else", which will be in stores on August 19.

Friday, 18 July 2014

"Ill Mind of Hopsin 7" by Hopsin [Music Video]

"In my mind, I make perfect sense/
If you aren't real then all my prayers aren't worth a cent/
That would mean that I could just make up what my purpose is/
And I could sit in church and just say "fuck" in the services/"

Hopsin maintained the usual summer ritual and dropped another installment of his Ill Mind series. At first listen, I wasn't even feeling that beat. But once the subject matter picked up I began to understand the track more and this track turned out dope. I really like the whole religion argument idea for a song, and even though I don't completely agree with his perspective, it's good to hear a popular artist with an original opinion on such a deep topic. Check it.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

"Nigga Whut" by Redman [Music Video]

"Redman on blast, perfecting the craft/
Smoke all ya bud, ride off and laugh/
All type of girls love Red, I ain't mad/
Shit, I got Islamic women tryna bag dad/"

Redman took to social media today and released a video single with absolutely no information regarding the origin of it. I know Muddy Waters 2 has been in the works for some time now, but I'm not sure if this will be on it. Either way it's a pretty dope single and Redman stays true to his roots shooting this video in New Jersey(I'm pretty sure). Check it!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

"Now On" by Ransom ft Vado & Chinx Drugz

"I'm really the most, pop the tequila they toast/
I'm live in the hood, but I'll appear in the ghost/
Niggas declare me the GOAT, bitches be clearing they throat/
Haters be swearing I'm broke, I disappear in a boat/"

I fucking hate the chorus to this song. But Vado and Ransom both murder this shit, and the beat's pretty dope too. Check it.

"The Imperial" by Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson, Royce da 5'9" & Black Thought

"I know I'm sorta pompous, no type of moral compass/
Go right the fuck up in your mouth like I'm the orthodontist/
Some rappers is just startin out, but me I'm more accomplished/
The imperial Black Thought from the foreign objects/"

This shit is dope. A nice boom-bap beat that perfectly suits the style of all 3 of these raw emcees. Black Thought got twice as much airtime as the other two, but I ain't complainin' one bit. Check it.

"Fear" by Tech N9ne [Music Video]

"A stranger to the one who raised us/
Nameless to the one who raised us/
Back to the place where it all began/
I'm seeing heaven but I fear it's the end/"

For how much I love this song, I feel guilty I haven't blogged this yet. But it's never too late to share  something dope. This is definitely my favourite cut from Tech's latest collabo album, "Strangeulation". This video's one of the better ones from Tech and may be more powerful for fans who know Tech's life through his music. Check it.