Saturday, 13 May 2017

"Bury The Bag" by Young Buck [Music Video]

"A couple of bodies short that was here before, I call it a loss/
Don't forget that you can lose ya life, get caught in the cross/
Now I can't act like I still fuck with ya, we shot up ya boss/
We was sawin' it off and y'all was callin' it off/"

Produced By Steveaux DaVinci

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

"Wise Guys" by Kool G Rap ft. Fame (M.O.P.) & Freeway [Audio]

"Nigga G's in the cut, got cheese in his clutch/
Watch 'em hop on his dick like fleas on a mutt/
Stop cuffin' ya chick before I leave with the slut/
Play tough, this long nose will sneeze on ya gut/"

The Legendary Kool G Rap Returns With New Album, ‘Return Of The Don’ June 2nd, 2017

Pre-Order 'Return Of The Don' on ITUNES and get "Wise Guys" Now…don/id1232016873

Kool G Rap "Return Of The Don" Tracklisting & Credits:

1.) “Return Of The Don”
2.) “Mack Lean” feat. Fred The Godson & AG Da Coroner
3.) “Criminal Outfit” feat. Noreaga
4.) “Wise Guys” feat. Fame (M.O.P.) & Freeway
5.) “Out For That Life” feat. Raekwon
6.) “Times Up”
7.) “Capitol Hill” feat. Manolo Rose, Sheek Louch & Cormega
8.) “Running” feat. Termanology & Saigon
9.) “World Is Mine” feat. KXNG Crooked, Willie The Kid & Pearl Gates
10.) “Popped Off” feat. Sean Price & Ransom
11.) “Rest In Peace” feat. Conway The Machine & Westside Gunn

"Whippin' Up" by Stevie Stone ft. DB Bantino (produced by Scott Storch & Diego Ave)

"I was on the phone, see it took a while/
Met a migo, made the money pile up/
We was coming up, didn't have a dollar/
Had to whip it, give some to Mama/"

Stevie Stone "Whippin' Up"
Level Up | 6.2.2017
Produced by: Scott Storch & Diego Ave

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"Freedom Form Flowing" by Gift of Gab, AFRO & RA the Rugged Man [Audio]

"Kubrick ride with us, rivals fighting five of us/
Bitches slide with us, my dick is harder than elephant ivory tusks/
Baphomet, bison, bite the dust, slime and crust, life of lust/
Tyson, biting, knife slicing guts, sniffin' cyber dust/"

Underground hip-hop luminaries from East to West unite as Gift Of Gab is joined by R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O on the new track "Freedom Form Flowing". Taken from Gift Of Gab's new EP "Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again!", which is now available at

"Free Smoke #EASTMIX" by Dave Ea$t [Music Video]

"I can hit ya homie from a block away/
In a bad mood nigga, not today/
Shout out to Keenan from rock away/
Mami break it down, uh, ¡√Āndale/"



Paranoia coming soon!


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

"Never Learn" by Brother Ali [Music Video]

"Lord God of the gold skies/
Soul vibration, it's so fly/
I could walk on water, no lie/
Champion author, small fry/"

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From Brother Ali's full length album, "All The Beauty In This Whole Life" out May 5th on Rhymesayers Entertainment:

"Badchild" by Madchild (Produced by Evidence)

"Known for saying harsh remarks that are partially dark/
Samples chopped like it's martial arts/
Can't complain, kids like my art/
But feel like, I'm still waiting for my life to start/"

Pre-order "The Darkest Hour" Canada at or USA/Europe here with an instant download "Badchild". Pre-order the limited edition vinyl version online at

Madchild "Badchild" was produced by Evidence.

"They Believe" by Euroz ft. Demrick & Dizzy Wright

"Swerved off with some Henny in my moccasins/
Teamwork make the dream work and I feel like coach Popovic/
It's 2017, we still movin, still lockin in/
Still movin around with Floyd Money Mayweather confidence/"

Still Movin Monday. New music every Monday

Lil Yachty Battles With Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks [Video]

In this episode of Complex's  #EverydayStruggle, Lil Yachty joins Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks to talk his new album, the controversial cover, his view on hip-hop, and much more. The debate got intense but everyone held their own.

Friday, 28 April 2017

"Handbasket" by Wax [Video]

"Now by the third day in heaven I was ready to drink/
My tolerance level was starting to shrink/
So for the next four days, I searched near and far/
And not one liquor store, not a single bar/"

Animation by Galen Frazer
Shot by Andrew Kurchinski

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

"Systematic" by DJ Shadow ft. Nas

"I wish I was an arms dealer, and sell legal guns in the hood/
No backup cheques, put cash in my palms and we good/
Lack of respect, get you to fall where you stood/
Mathematics is God language, it's in my blood/"

Download now:
Preorder the soundtrack:…?ls=1&app=itunes

"Feel A Way" by Phresher ft. Jim Jones, Don Q & Papoose [Music Video]

"Hottest known, niggas feel a way/
All the questions niggas ask about to deal with Jay/
I brought the soft top just to watch the roof peel away/
I been affiliated with drug lords that made a mill a day/"

Directed by DaBigPicture
Da Generulez Entertainment

"Sanity" by Locksmith [Music Video]

"I know they target is aimin at me/
Fuck it, I said I just wanna be free/
Pray for my niggas who still in the street/
Watch where you go cuz there's two enemies/"

Purchase Olive Branch here:

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

"Love" by Rittz & Tech N9ne

"I started and reading and lost my buzz, I was at a loss for words/
A bunch of paragraphs tellin' me he's salty, I never call em and cut em off like loss of love/
That couldn't be more false, but it's always my fault they drunk and mad at life, I'm the villain, the scapegoat/
Really they preventin they true feelings, they all about the money they just wanna ride the tail of my rain coat/"

"Givin Up" by Merkules

"I try making a difference but I ain't gaining no interest/
There's not a thang in the fridge and it makes me angry I'm living/
No North Face in the winter and I can't pay for my dinner/
Man I got so used to losing now I hate all the winners/"

"Revelations Freestyle" by Ransom

"Bitches claiming they friend's daughter caught up in tax fraud/
I'm from the bottom, what more can you fuckin ask for/
Down for whatever but still evading those trap doors/
Evaluating those same money angles that Mac saw/"

"No More" by Komodo [prod. by TheMartianz]

"Strange loner, Boneshaker sipper/
Quakes form, I'm gon' break the Richter/
Skyscrapers get laid out
in the shape of crepes, I can't state it simpler/"