Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"When I Was High (Remix)" by Nikkiya ft. Tech N9ne & Rittz

"Yeah, LSD and Special K, you ever stayed awake for seven days straight up in a bed awake/
Laying next to your girlfriend trying your best to fake/
Like you asleep when you really geek, you meditate/
Hopin' to slow your heart rate down but you can't escape"

So hip-hop has been so dry lately, atleast around the artists I generally bump. I've been on vacation for two weeks and the only hot new song I've really liked was Ill Mind of Hopsin 5. Just since we haven't posted anything in a few weeks I figured I'd just throw up some random track that I think is sick and been bumpin alot lately. This song has got a cool dark feel and everyone who looks at this blog should know Tech and Rittz are both beasts so it's sick having em on a jam together. Although Tech may be "the pinnacle", on a lyrical level I personally think Rittz killed Tech on this one with his killer flow and non stop multi-syllables which are all complete, perfectly logical sentences. Tech can be a little incohesive at times haha. Wish both of their verses were a little longer though but whatever, it's not even their song. Finally, Nikkiya brings in a sick dark chorus and her own verse has some sick flavour. Her dark, twisted attitude is cool, doesn't just sing perfectly the whole time. Check it out!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

"Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" by Hopsin

"Your lazy ass don't commit to labour/
You pick something up, try it out, put it down two minutes later/
Then you complain about your life cuz it ain't gettin' catered/
Now whoever tries to call you on your bullshit's a hater?/"

Ever since Hopsin announced this video was being released on July 18, we've been patiently waiting to hear what the crazy emcee was about to present. After two very stupid teaser trailers, the video has finally dropped. In this video, Hopsin appears somewhat as an angel, dressed in all white, watching a few people lazing around drinking and smoking. Then gets up and speaks individually to each person and bitches at them about how stupid they are for wasting their lives away. I'd like to say some of the shit he said didn't sound like me, but a few lines made me re-evaluate how I act upon accomplishing my goals. Hopsin outlines a lot of  shit that's wrong with a huge chunk of society's population, and spits a huge verse of some very real shit. But I feel like I've explained enough, so it's time for you to journey into the Ill Mind of Hopsin.

Friday, 13 July 2012

"Rosana" by Wax

"Me and her have been together for like a couple months/
Mami got that poonany sweeter than peanut butter crunch/
I hit it from the back like a sucker punch/
Bust a nut, back to the front for some uppercuts/"

This song makes me want burritos. And a Mexican babe to help me clean, squirt ketchup on my food for me and play at the playground with. Just watch the video, you'll understand. Wax's creative mind has done it again, and made a very cool video. All of the "sex scenes" are pretty funny once you see the reality of em. I like the beat with the guitars and the horns, and as always, Wax has some sick lyrics and a catchy chorus. The chick who plays Rosana is fine as hell as well. So if you don't like all aspects of this video, at least you'll like one. Chiggy check it!

Canadian Talent: "Serial Killer" by Dan-E-O

"I'm roaming these streets, owning these beats/
If I catch you alone from your peeps, I'm wrappin' bones up in sheets/
And bury you in Lake Ontario, It's kinda scary knowin'/
There ain't no possible worse scenario, there ya go/"

When I first read that this song was inspired by the show Dexter, I really had no idea what to expect. The chorus right at the beginning didn't make that any better, I thought it was a weird one. But once the verses hit, I started to really dig this song and the video with it. This is exactly how I feel about certain people who claim to be "rappers". The video had some cool, dark cinematics, and the victim was dressed like he was asking to be murdered lol. Anyways, enjoy this dope Canadian hip hop shit!

Monday, 9 July 2012

"All That I Know" by Trae Tha Truth ft. Mystikal, Tech N9ne & Brian Angel

"In control of ALL MY DOUGH, now it's off to the MALL I GO, you know money really TALL I SHOW, if you really wanna BRAWL I KNOW, that you niggas gonna FALL TO MY TOE, I be killin' all of Y'ALL WHEN I BLOW, cuz a nigga coming RAW WHEN I FLOW, ITS ALL THAT I KNOW!"

So I'm having one of those sick days where you find one sick song that you love so much you just know you'll be rocking out to it for years to come. I thought this track was the bomb. This song had all kinds of crazy elements I love, an awesome instrumental played by a hardcore rock band bringing in sick guitar, a guy with a smooth voice for a simple chorus, and a small line up of emcees who killed it. Mystikal was making me laugh stretching the neck hole of his shirt and growling like a bear. He's actually sick and his intense voice and dancing makes it pretty entertaining. Now even though it's his song I'd say Trae was the weak link but only for me. He still goes in pretty sick but I'm not a big fan of the whole kinda raspy whispery voice rapping especially with a beat as crazy as this one. And last but not least we got Tech. Now if you follow this blog at all you know we love Tech but this verse from him in my opinion is unreal. I love the flow and voice fluctuations he pulls off. The last few bars from him where he's singing like a rock star ended the song so perfectly for me. IT'S ALL THAT I KNOW! Check it out!

Friday, 6 July 2012

"L.A. Leakers Freestyle" by Slaughterhouse

Some Royce: "Now that my AK's out in the open, I'll put his mind on vaca-, I rerouted his focus/
Uh, now that the Ace Spade bottle is open, I'm tryna menage with JK Rowling and Oprah/"

Some Crooked: "Walk in the booth, get to talkin the truth, then I coffin the booth, when I draw then I shoot, sawed off and a deuce, show off to the group, too raw to compute, soft niggas mute, call for a truce, hop in the coup, vodka and juice, boss on the loose, lil' mama's caboose, like an ox and a moose..."

Heard this today on hiphopdx and thought it was sickkk. I'd almost thought these guys were falling off a little but this one redeemed the last things I heard. They all kill it, except for Joe Budden who just decided to be the annoying guy who just talks for no reason in between the emcees lmao. Its the most I ever heard Joe Budden talk during a jam. Anyways, Royce brings the punchlines, Crooked I brings some sick flow and Ortiz brought an all around sick verse on multiple levels. I liked how they all rapped on a different beat too, but I couldn't pick which guy was my favourite in this one, it depends on what you're looking for. I may not have got Crooked's part perfect in the lyrics but thats what I hear and will continue to say till I know otherwise. Check it out!

"FreeDoom" by Godemis ft. Ubiquitous & JL of BHood

"Guess I'm here to finish the carnage and whatever's not asked just discard it as garbage/
Spittin hard shit, petrified turds, I hate you bumpin Soulja Boy, you get on my nerves/
so much to the point I try to ignite em in flame, when I was inkin' this verse I didn't write out his name/"

Both members of Ces Cru always kill it but I thought this song was sick for how bumping and catchy the beat was. It's not the kinda feel I've gotten used to listening to these guys lately but they pulled it off sick. I personally found having JL of BHood was over the top and dragged the song out but he still brought some sick rhymes so I won't be too critical. Check it out!

"Broken Dreams" by Caxton Press

"I move a crowd with the rhymes and the diction/
Born to drop knowledge from the heights of my wisdom/
Feel my pain, like a knife is twistin'/
I speak from the heart on the righteous mission/"

This morning on my music seeking journey, I stumbled upon this music video from a UK hip-hop group, Caxton Press. Never heard of them before but I decided to check the video out, and the dope beat was the reason I continued to listen. I love that piano sample they used. All of the group members ended up having decent lyrics, and the chick singing has a beautiful voice. Open ya Earz!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

"Stay Cool" by Classified

"If you ain't happy broke, you won't be happy rich/
Don't spend your whole life unhappy, tryna capture it/
Relax a bit, loosen up your suit and tie and your collar quick/
Before you call it quits/
And stay cool...."

Ahhhh yeah, Classified finally made a video for one of my favourite tracks from "Handshakes & Middle Fingers". I remember the first time I heard this, I was chillin in my car with two of my buddies in the parking lot of Dairy Queen. Stayin' cool with my blizzard haha. I just thought it had a relaxing beat and didn't really take the lyrics in at that point. But after listening through this album multiple times, Stay Cool easily became a favourite of mine. The idea for the video was cool as well. Classified reached out to his fans on Twitter and Facebook, requesting that they send him photos or videos displaying how they 'stay cool' throughout the summer's heat. It turned out to have a pretty diverse series of hobbies and activities, and makes the video perfect for this time of year. I know it's hot as hell out here today in Kitchener, Ontario. Unfortunately, my way of staying cool today is my 8-hour shift in a refrigerated warehouse! See why I didn't submit a photo/video? Anyways, listen to this tune muhfuckas!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rittz Spits A Verse From His Feature Off Jackie Chain's "Certified Shit"

"Homie this-this-this that certified shit, they never should've let me in the music industry I'm bout to burglarize it/
Every verse that I kick, is murder I spit, then split a Garcia Vega throw some herb inside it/
With Jackie Chain smoking and it's got to be fire, see me in person, I probably seem high/
My girlfriend afraid that I'mma blow up and do a bunch of coke and overdose like the OxyClean guy/"

I don't even really wanna say anything about this. If you have checked out Rittz and don't expect him to just murder everything by now then I dont know about you. I think this guy is one of the best rappers out right now and I'll let this quick acapella verse speak for itself.

"Hip Hop Never Died" [Grind Mode Cypher]

"Is hip-hop dead? That's the stupidest question/
You should move your attention to a studio session/
Stayin' true to the message, puttin' work in the streets/
The only thing that we killin' are verses and beats/"

This video presents a bunch of random artists that I haven't heard of before, aside from Passionate MC. I was surprised at the talented artists featured in this video. Lots of sick lyrics in this one. Gread, J-Hook$ and Passionate killed it the most in my opinion, but the rest are good as well. Anyways, Open ya Earz!

"Mind Your Business" by La Coka Nostra

"Back in the days when I was comin' up, I'm hungry as fuck/
Had no Air Max, no AMEX, no gun in the truck/
No wheels, no deals, ain't no fun and no luck/
Just a pack of hot-headed goons runnin' amuck"

This July 31st, La Coka Nostra is droppin' their upcoming album, "Masters of the Dark". This track right here is the 2nd released track from the album. It's produced by legendary beatmaker, DJ Premier, and has that classic hip hop feel. I didn't really like ILL BILL's verse in this, but I thought that Slaine killed it. Check this shit out!