Wednesday, 4 July 2012

"Stay Cool" by Classified

"If you ain't happy broke, you won't be happy rich/
Don't spend your whole life unhappy, tryna capture it/
Relax a bit, loosen up your suit and tie and your collar quick/
Before you call it quits/
And stay cool...."

Ahhhh yeah, Classified finally made a video for one of my favourite tracks from "Handshakes & Middle Fingers". I remember the first time I heard this, I was chillin in my car with two of my buddies in the parking lot of Dairy Queen. Stayin' cool with my blizzard haha. I just thought it had a relaxing beat and didn't really take the lyrics in at that point. But after listening through this album multiple times, Stay Cool easily became a favourite of mine. The idea for the video was cool as well. Classified reached out to his fans on Twitter and Facebook, requesting that they send him photos or videos displaying how they 'stay cool' throughout the summer's heat. It turned out to have a pretty diverse series of hobbies and activities, and makes the video perfect for this time of year. I know it's hot as hell out here today in Kitchener, Ontario. Unfortunately, my way of staying cool today is my 8-hour shift in a refrigerated warehouse! See why I didn't submit a photo/video? Anyways, listen to this tune muhfuckas!

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