Friday, 13 July 2012

"Rosana" by Wax

"Me and her have been together for like a couple months/
Mami got that poonany sweeter than peanut butter crunch/
I hit it from the back like a sucker punch/
Bust a nut, back to the front for some uppercuts/"

This song makes me want burritos. And a Mexican babe to help me clean, squirt ketchup on my food for me and play at the playground with. Just watch the video, you'll understand. Wax's creative mind has done it again, and made a very cool video. All of the "sex scenes" are pretty funny once you see the reality of em. I like the beat with the guitars and the horns, and as always, Wax has some sick lyrics and a catchy chorus. The chick who plays Rosana is fine as hell as well. So if you don't like all aspects of this video, at least you'll like one. Chiggy check it!

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