Monday, 9 July 2012

"All That I Know" by Trae Tha Truth ft. Mystikal, Tech N9ne & Brian Angel

"In control of ALL MY DOUGH, now it's off to the MALL I GO, you know money really TALL I SHOW, if you really wanna BRAWL I KNOW, that you niggas gonna FALL TO MY TOE, I be killin' all of Y'ALL WHEN I BLOW, cuz a nigga coming RAW WHEN I FLOW, ITS ALL THAT I KNOW!"

So I'm having one of those sick days where you find one sick song that you love so much you just know you'll be rocking out to it for years to come. I thought this track was the bomb. This song had all kinds of crazy elements I love, an awesome instrumental played by a hardcore rock band bringing in sick guitar, a guy with a smooth voice for a simple chorus, and a small line up of emcees who killed it. Mystikal was making me laugh stretching the neck hole of his shirt and growling like a bear. He's actually sick and his intense voice and dancing makes it pretty entertaining. Now even though it's his song I'd say Trae was the weak link but only for me. He still goes in pretty sick but I'm not a big fan of the whole kinda raspy whispery voice rapping especially with a beat as crazy as this one. And last but not least we got Tech. Now if you follow this blog at all you know we love Tech but this verse from him in my opinion is unreal. I love the flow and voice fluctuations he pulls off. The last few bars from him where he's singing like a rock star ended the song so perfectly for me. IT'S ALL THAT I KNOW! Check it out!

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