Friday, 6 July 2012

"L.A. Leakers Freestyle" by Slaughterhouse

Some Royce: "Now that my AK's out in the open, I'll put his mind on vaca-, I rerouted his focus/
Uh, now that the Ace Spade bottle is open, I'm tryna menage with JK Rowling and Oprah/"

Some Crooked: "Walk in the booth, get to talkin the truth, then I coffin the booth, when I draw then I shoot, sawed off and a deuce, show off to the group, too raw to compute, soft niggas mute, call for a truce, hop in the coup, vodka and juice, boss on the loose, lil' mama's caboose, like an ox and a moose..."

Heard this today on hiphopdx and thought it was sickkk. I'd almost thought these guys were falling off a little but this one redeemed the last things I heard. They all kill it, except for Joe Budden who just decided to be the annoying guy who just talks for no reason in between the emcees lmao. Its the most I ever heard Joe Budden talk during a jam. Anyways, Royce brings the punchlines, Crooked I brings some sick flow and Ortiz brought an all around sick verse on multiple levels. I liked how they all rapped on a different beat too, but I couldn't pick which guy was my favourite in this one, it depends on what you're looking for. I may not have got Crooked's part perfect in the lyrics but thats what I hear and will continue to say till I know otherwise. Check it out!

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