Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"When I Was High (Remix)" by Nikkiya ft. Tech N9ne & Rittz

"Yeah, LSD and Special K, you ever stayed awake for seven days straight up in a bed awake/
Laying next to your girlfriend trying your best to fake/
Like you asleep when you really geek, you meditate/
Hopin' to slow your heart rate down but you can't escape"

So hip-hop has been so dry lately, atleast around the artists I generally bump. I've been on vacation for two weeks and the only hot new song I've really liked was Ill Mind of Hopsin 5. Just since we haven't posted anything in a few weeks I figured I'd just throw up some random track that I think is sick and been bumpin alot lately. This song has got a cool dark feel and everyone who looks at this blog should know Tech and Rittz are both beasts so it's sick having em on a jam together. Although Tech may be "the pinnacle", on a lyrical level I personally think Rittz killed Tech on this one with his killer flow and non stop multi-syllables which are all complete, perfectly logical sentences. Tech can be a little incohesive at times haha. Wish both of their verses were a little longer though but whatever, it's not even their song. Finally, Nikkiya brings in a sick dark chorus and her own verse has some sick flavour. Her dark, twisted attitude is cool, doesn't just sing perfectly the whole time. Check it out!

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