Friday, 6 July 2012

"FreeDoom" by Godemis ft. Ubiquitous & JL of BHood

"Guess I'm here to finish the carnage and whatever's not asked just discard it as garbage/
Spittin hard shit, petrified turds, I hate you bumpin Soulja Boy, you get on my nerves/
so much to the point I try to ignite em in flame, when I was inkin' this verse I didn't write out his name/"

Both members of Ces Cru always kill it but I thought this song was sick for how bumping and catchy the beat was. It's not the kinda feel I've gotten used to listening to these guys lately but they pulled it off sick. I personally found having JL of BHood was over the top and dragged the song out but he still brought some sick rhymes so I won't be too critical. Check it out!

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