Thursday, 27 June 2013

"Enjoy the Atmosphere" by Styles P ft. Chris Rivers & Tyler Woods

"I used to touch keys like a piano/
Pitchin' with Jadakiss and Sheek Luciano/
Used to push the Lexus with work up in the panel, or the door and the bumper/
How much work can you handle? Take it all, I'm a pumper/"

Man this track's cool. And it's sick to see this Chris Rivers dude gettin' to hook up with bigger names in the biz. That would normally bug me, being that his buzz could mainly be from him being Big Pun's son. But he's actually sick, and not just using his fathers fame to acquire his own fame without contributing to hip-hop. I'm not a huge Styles P fan, but there's certain tracks by him that I can dig for the street elements that he presents. I don't think this song's from a specific project at the moment.

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