Wednesday, 26 June 2013

"Shade45 Freestyle" by Chris Rivers

"The world is filled with liars desire to burn in fire/
But hell exists in my mind and the devil seems to admire/
My cerebral cause, provoked to always re-record/
I try to express my pain, but these words don't seem to feel no more/"

I really like this video. The first time I heard of Chris Rivers was on Vinnie Paz' "God of the Serengeti" album on a track called "Last Breath". I know he's Big Pun's son, and his verse was sick on that Vinnie track, but I never really looked into his solo music. Found this video today and decided to check it out, and he actually killed it. I can tell that he's followed the footsteps of his father in terms of keeping the rhymes and flow constantly on point, but he's got his own style as well which makes him unique from his father. Near the end DJ Kay Slay started throwing words at him, and that's when you can witness his ability to improvise on the spot. Pretty cool video, check it.

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