Saturday, 1 June 2013

"Like Water" by Pro Era

"But it ain't happening, we mad at shit/
Still managing, yo can I bust if I got cannabis/
A half a zip could have her pants unzipped/
Ain't never romantic shit, so don't be saddened if you couldn't have a kiss/"

Not a huge fan of Joey Bada$$, even though it seems like there's plenty of people who think he's really dope. But I decided to check this track and it's pretty sick. I honestly prefer Capital STEEZ and CJ Fly over Joey Bada$$, in this song at least. The Statik Selektah beat is sick as hell, and the scratching in it makes it even better. I liked the visuals too, they matched the mood of the beat perfect. But yea, sick track with a nice classic hip-hop feel. Check it.

1 comment:

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