Sunday, 26 February 2012

Daily Double: THE JOKERR

The Real One

Bite Marks

100 Bizzles

He look's fucked. He seems weird. But he's probably better than anybody in the average hip-hop listener's Top 10. As a rapper, singer, producer, and entertainer, The Jokerr has a solid advantage over most artists. The first video is a diss to another rapper named "Tha Joker". Same name, different spelling, less skill. The second is a track called "Bite Marks". This track is fuckin' dope, the beat's sick, and the lyrics in his verses are crazy. And even though this is a Daily Double post, I'm throwing in a third video as a bonus. If you look this one up on YouTube, you probably wont find it because it's unlisted. I seen the link on his facebook once because he shared it exclusively, and the link is still in my YouTube favourites. Hope you enjoy this raw shit, Open ya earz!

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