Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Jake + Olive" by Mac Lethal

"And there was so much love within them/ 
That Olive said to Jake, Imma stay with you forever on one condition/
We're passionate lovers/ 
Every night we sleep with our backs to each other, We're half of each other/
And I don't wanna sleep one night of my life knowing you aren't next to me hogging half of the covers/"

This song's about his grandparents. The vibe of this beat reminds me of "Mama Nem" by Tech N9ne. It's kinda hard to get amped up for this beat, but the true story being told makes it understandable. I have a lot of respect for artists who can put their ego and usual sound aside to make songs like this. The relation between the characters arrival and departure together was really creative as well. But yea, don't check this song out if you're not planning on listening to and understanding the story. Open ya Earz!

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