Monday, 2 April 2012

Wuddup, Jesse Here: Snow Tha Product Freestyle & Wishin' by Rittz

Wuddup y'all, I'm Jesse, a good bud of the big man K Brenton. As he is a busy guy I'll be throwin in a contribution here and there if nothing new has popped up in a bit. Always tons of music to share. I'm throwin two vids up just cuz I had a song to share but then saw this small tidbit I thought was dope. I don't normally listen to a ton of women rappers but I've always known Snow Tha Product was a chopper (not to mention sexay) and this quick freestyle video I saw today I thought was sick. Now the main feature here is the song Wishin' by Rittz. This fuzzy haired guy knows how to rap and often his songs tell it how it is: shitty. This song can really zone me out and make me think about my life when my room is foggy.

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