Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Everything's Corrupt" by Ice Cube

"Everything's a scam, beat the next man, it's capitalism/
They'll just build a new prison/
For you slick ass niggas that's trying to beat the system/
Put you on the front line if you ain't re-enlisting/"

The cube of ice is back, just in time for winter. And just in time for the US Election, he's decided to release a song talkin' bout how corrupt politicians are. It's all about timing. I was kinda surprised when I seen a new release from Ice Cube, and to make it even better, he's speaking real shit. There's nothing crazy about his rhymes or flow as usual, it's what you'd expect from him. But the beat hyped up every idea he was presenting. I liked the idea of the video too, flashing random viral internet clips, and ending it off with that unfortunate YouTube screen that we've all grown to despise. I'm glad the Don Mega's keepin' it real.

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