Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Psycho White Halloween! Push Em and Whistle Dixie by Travis Barker & Yelawolf

 I've been hearing a few tracks off Yelawolf's and Travis Barker's new joint cd Psycho White and so far I've been digging em. Even if it's not your kinda thing I like the original sounds coming from the pair. Both these songs have a feel I haven't heard from anyone else recently and I dig it. The first track is just some crazy quick fire drumming from Barker with some good screaming and shit from Yela. Song makes me wanna jump in a mosh pit or flail my hair around but unfortunately it isn't long enough.

This second song was released just today and the video, although quite confusing to me, is more creepy in the spirit of Halloween. I really liked the beat providing the chorus with the whistle. The effect on Yela's voice with the short verses made a cool song in my opinion too. Got Yelawolf and his gang rockin some facepaint in this too, gotta love it. Don't know why the hell Danny Trejo was in the video though haha.

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