Monday, 15 October 2012

"The Oracle" by Vinnie Paz

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"I'm tryna make the same money that Madonna make/
Eyes never lie, I'm surprised that you not with jake/
Rhymes in one take, record an album in an hour straight/
You a pile of waste, I see a sucker and salivate/"

With only 1 week away until Vinnie's next solo release, "God of the Serengeti", JMT fans worldwide are impatiently waiting. To ease the pain, Vinnie Paz released a brand new video for another track from the highly anticipated album. This one's called "The Oracle" and is produced by the legendary DJ Premier. Which I'm really thankful for because this beat is fuckin sick! Vinnie kills it too, despite having like 10 bars ending with the word "shit". I've grown used to this pattern though so I can handle it lol. The official link for this video disabled the option to embed it onto another site, so if this link doesn't work, I'ma provide a link below where the video should be. Peace.

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