Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"Sidekick" (Funk Volume diss) - The Jokerr

 "It's gotta be so, so hard to be a sidekick, stuck living in the shadow of a giant/
So, so hard, with everybody watchin when you know they'll never understand/
It's gotta be so, so hard, to be a sidekick, it doesn't matter how popular you might get/
When your whole identity's defined by the efforts of another man/"
Lmao! Oh my god, Jokerr hyped up that he was making a music video for his song The Maestro which disses Tech N9ne and when the time came for it to drop, it turned out to be a huge diss to Funk Volume, specifically SwizZz. Lmao I honestly felt bad for SwizZz watching this cuz Jokerr does pretty much rip his career apart. Not only did he probably really hurt SwizZz's feelings this was a very, very well produced song and a great video. I loved getting to see Jokerr actually tearing up the drums. There is a small part at the end where Jokerr is apparently discussing with Hopsin how hypocritical he is and if it really was Hopsin it was a pretty weird conversation and I have to say I agree with Jokerr's opinion. But besides all that bullshit, just on a musical level this was a pretty cool song, lots of shots at different people but unlike his other diss tracks I heard recently, I could listen to this again and again. Check it out!

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