Monday, 15 October 2012

"Flammable" by Ransom

"Hit every pothole on the road to riches/
Must've took a wrong turn, wonder why I'm so suspicious/
And why the flow is vicious/
I went through hell and back, just so I could pose in pictures, call a couple hoes a mistress/"

I'm kinda disappointed that Ransom keeps making songs over beats that have already been used. His emceeing skills are too ill to be displayed as remixes or remakes. But that's his decision, not mine. And regardless of it all, he manages to kill everybody else's beats, so I can't complain lol. This one's over an old CNN beat produced by the Alchemist. I've just recently started following Ransom's music and I keep getting impressed with his lyrical abilities. Check out our other Ransom posts, and you might feel the same way!

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