Thursday, 4 October 2012

"I Need A Dollar" (Live) by Aloe Blacc

Alright, so our blog says "our recommended choice of hip-hop music" but me and K Brenton love all kinds of music. The reason we formed a blog for hip-hop is cuz it is the particular kind we are most passionate about and it's also the genre of music filled with the most bullshit. This blog is supposed to be sort of like a flashlight shining through the fog of all the commercial, mainstream bullshit that people are fed by the media. But occasionally I see something too awesome to not share with you viewers who check out this blog. For example, this amazing live performance by Aloe Blacc with string instrument accompaniment. Aloe Blacc is filled with soul and his original song "I Need A Dollar" is fricken awesome too but this live perfromance gave it a special kind of flavour that I really enjoyed. Check it out!

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