Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"Strange $" by Kutt Calhoun

"Stayin' up on my toes, like a midget peein' at a urinal/
But back when I sold dope, I envisioned people at my funeral/
Found out that I had flows, then I started livin' at the studio/
And that was all that she wrote, now my living room is so beautiful/"

Here's another release from Kutt Calhoun's upcoming EP, "Kelvin". It seems as if Kutt's focusing on making his sound a little bit more on the mainstream side, which kinda sucks in my opinion. But I think he was pretty sick on this song and the beat was cool. This song takes a shot at anybody who ever doubted his financial state working for the Strange Music empire. I donno why the fuck anyone cares how much money he makes, but if you were hatin' before you should bring that shit to a stop. Lol Check it!

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