Wednesday, 3 October 2012

"Feet On The Ground" by Saigon

"Fuck whoever don't understand, I'm a man/
A man with the courage to take a stand/
I might run in the precinct with a gage in my hand/
Be front page with a grenade in my hand/"

With a sequel to Saigon's last album on it's way, "The Greatest Story Never Told 2: Bread and Circuses" has me eager to hear what he's been workin' on lately. The chorus sounds really similar to his song "Bring Me Down Pt. 2", but it's still sick. Saigon always has some cool shit to rap about, and does it flawlessly. The guitar beat along with the distorted chorus make the song have a sort of deranged feel to it. The lyrics of the chorus are fuckin sick too. Check it!

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