Friday, 26 October 2012

"URALYA" by Tech N9ne

 "Don't do your job like you oughta, I'm gonna beat ya like a pinata/
Better yet I'm givin the Devil a stigmata, hit you with a hell of a Afrika BamBaataa BOOM/
Layin' on the ground, that's what you get for playin on the clown/
Sayin that my sound they don't wanna hear, it missed em, but I gave you money to get THE SHIT DONE/"
So right on the heels of Tech's EP E.B.A.H is another EP called Boiling Point. It will be released the day before Halloween and in tune with the season Boiling Point is another taste of Tech's well known dark side. This first release URALYA starts it off with a bang. This song has some really badass sound going on. Tech could've been the lead of some hardcore rock band. He's rockin some pretty badass facepaint patterns, the little stripes in the beard are a cool touch lmao. Welcome to his boiling point mother fuckers!

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