Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"Left Me Hanging" by Hopsin [Unreleased]

"How come it's always about bitches, and talkin' about riches?/
and walkin' it out, This is me chalkin' em out, witness/
Provocative sound, disses I'm tossin' around, mission/
Is knockin' em down, this shit is causin' a drought/"

Tonight, Hopsin and the Funk Volume team are gonna be in Toronto as part of the Funk Volume 2012 tour. I wasn't disappointed about not going until I realized that it was happening tonight, and one of my friends is attending the sold out show. Anyways, I found this unreleased track by Hopsin which I thought was really sick. The vibe of the beat is different for him but he managed to kill it, and add a sick chorus at the end. I wish he woulda finished the whole thing because it seems like it would have quickly turned into a new favourite of mine. Since I ain't gonna be in T Dot tonight, Imma have to put this on my iPod and jam to it at work from 3-11:30. Lame, I know.

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