Friday, 12 October 2012

"Sucker Freestyle" by Rittz

"Emcees can't see me like invisible, double timin' I'm rhymin it's like I'm fictional/
But listen I can teach you, I should start an institute, I'm on the blogs daily don't nobody mention you/
Nobody rockin your merch, nobody's coppin a verse from you, it's obvious your a dummy, you thinkin' you killin it but you're really just an imbecile/
The way I spit they say it's whimsical, you sleepin on me time to wake up!"
So just recently BET showed a huge host of cyphers with all kinds of different rappers from young to old. There was lots I had no expectations for, but there was a lot of artists I was excited were present  that kind of dissapointed me. I don't know, it just wasn't exciting. Maybe it was the format of it, with a lot of artists spittin' such short little verses, so many different styles that it all got kind of diluted, but I digress. Since that shit kind of dissappointed me I figured I'd post Rittz recent lone freestle from MTV to show how it's done. I've been reppin Rittz since the beginning of this blog and I'm still watchin this guy go up. He's ridiculous in this, he plans out a lot of his bars almost mathematically and just when you think a rhyme was done with he still had a whole plan to continue. His country accent allows for a lot of sick rhymes too that I wouldn't necessarily gravitate to but it comes out sick for him. I can't wait for his first album off Strange. Check it out!

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