Thursday, 25 October 2012

"Bad Man's World Remix" by Jelly Roll ft. Rittz & Shawty Fatt

"They say insanity's doing the same thang/
Over and over again and still expecting a change/
But ain't nothing changed but the price of a ????/
Like a boxer outta shape, I'm living life on the ropes/"

As our blog description states, this is "our recommended choice of hip-hop". As of late, there hasn't been much to recommend to y'all, in our eyes. However, this morning on Facebook, Rittz shared this new track that he's been featured in by Jelly Roll. I donno much about Jelly Roll at all, but this beat is fuckin' cool, and both Jelly Roll and Rittz killed it. I didn't really like Shawty Fatt at all, but fortunately his verse is last and I can switch the song after Rittz! But yea, this song takes you through 3 different perspectives of the struggles comin' up in a "bad man's world". Check it!

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